Registrations: New car sales rose in August, first in 15 months


Hallelujah. In August 2022, new car registrations reached 91,411, up 3.79% from August 2021. This good news marks the end of 14 consecutive months of decline. Asia and electrification are the big winners.

The hemorrhage that has affected the French car market for 14 consecutive months marks a pause. Despite being considered the lowest month of the year, August recorded an increase of 3.79% in the registration of new vehicles compared to August 2021 (88,065 copies), whose number of working days (22) was identical. Admittedly, we are still far from the 129,257 registrations in August 2019.

Thus, since the beginning of 2022, 971,033 new vehicles were registered, a decrease of 13.8% compared to 2021. The result is worse when compared to 2019, the reference year. before the Covid crisis during which 1,467,191 new cars were registered in the same period. In this case, the drop reaches 29.3%.

Of course, the causes of this melancholy are more or less the same as those advanced by 14 months. In addition to the Covid crisis, there is, according to NGC-Data, the “rising prices of raw materials and energy, difficulties in the production and supply of semiconductors, economic uncertainty of all kinds (war in Ukraine) and inflation of “only” +5.8% (INSEE) in August“.

Another factor, part of the French population “also expects, before choosing your next vehicle, to know what your room for maneuver will be with regard to traffic restrictions in metropolitan areas and with regard to the evolution of fuels (prices and taxes)“.

Finally, historic manufacturers now prefer to focus on a policy of increasing the market to preserve their margins (electric motorization, availability of high finishes, lower discounts) to the detriment of registration volumes at all costs.

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Second-hand market still late

As for the second-hand market, in the last 9 months, the trend has been downward. The month of August did not escape this desolation with 364,535 transactions, or -15.9%.

According to Marie-Laure Nivot, market intelligence manager at AAA Data, this is explained by the fact that many French people “are increasingly opting for rent-to-own. We also noticed that an increasing proportion of them are choosing to buy their car at the end of the contract, no doubt due to the lack of availability of new cars and the inflation that hits the used market. Of course, this trend contributes to drying up the supply of recent second-hand models.“.

Electric, more electric

Those who predicted a domination of electric over diesel and gasoline from this summer will be at their expense. If the share of diesel decreased by 11%, the fuel still maintains a market share of 16.7%, or just under 4 points more than electric (12.1%). Electricity, precisely, increased 24% in August. The same goes for gasoline, whose market share is 38%.

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Electrified engines such as non-rechargeable hybrids remain steady at 18.5% of VPN records in 2022, while rechargeable hybrids are at 7.5% (down 15.1%). The latter will, in fact, lose their tax aid with the future Euro 6 standard.

Electricity, the spearhead of Asian manufacturers

Once again, it’s the Asian manufacturers that are doing well. The Hyundai/Kia duo recorded respective growths of 6.8% (31,542 VP) and 4.1% (29,157 VP) since the beginning of the year 2022.

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Although qualified as a niche brand by NGC Data, another Asian manufacturer is making headlines. This is MG Motor, whose growth since the beginning of the year is 98.7% (5276 VP). The Chinese must do a lot of damage with their new model, the MG4.


Among the other good advances since the beginning of the year, we can mention Dacia, which in August registered 8,847 cars (+13.13%; market share of 9.68%), which is right behind Citroën and its 9,570 cars (+ 7.30%; MRP of 10.47%). Like Hyundai and Kia, Dacia is one of the few to be in the green since the beginning of the year: 82,978 registrations (+3.96%) and a market share of 8.55%.

As for the French, Peugeot is number one in August with 14,290 registrations (+14.34%; market share of 15.63%), followed by Renault (10,872 passenger cars; -15.43%; market share of 11.89%) and Citroën (9,570 PCs; +7.30%; PDM of 10.47%).

On the other hand, in the first 8 years of 2022, Peugeot, Renault and Citroën saw a respective decline of -18.95%, -14.24% and -21.03%. It is worth remembering that the French market is at -13.81% since January 2022.

Peugeot 208, Citroën C3 and Dacia Sandero, sales queens

With 97 more cars, the Peugeot 208 phase 2 (5,548 PV; +23.48%) maintains its number one position ahead of the Citroën C3 phase 3 (5,451 PV; +48.49%) and the Dacia Sandero 3 (4,435 PV ; -20.31%).


Once again, the top 10 for the month of August is monopolized by Stellantis, which places five cars (Peugeot, Citroën and Fiat) against four of the Renault-Dacia duo. Within this top, the 6th place is occupied by the Toyota Yaris (2,622 PV; +15.71%).

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