Discover the 11 founding fortunes of unicorns


What are the fortunes of unicorns?

The company Doctolib, valued at 5.8 billion euros, allowed its co-founders to acquire a fortune of 1,150 million euros.



No. 10: Jonathan Cherki (460 million euros, 260th)

The Contentsquare founder remains the largest shareholder in this company specializing in digital customer experience, valued at $2.8 billion during its last fundraising in 2021.

Mahema Productions


N°9: Nicolas Dessaigne and Julien Lemoine (500 million euros, 232nd place)

These two engineers are leaders at California Algolia, a search engine publisher (10,000 professional customers). They hold nearly a quarter of the capital after a fundraiser that values ​​Algolia at 2 billion euros.

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N°9 bis: Alexandre Prot and Steve Anavi (500 million euros, 232nd place)

The two co-founders sold part of the capital of Quonto Olinda (B2B online bank), a unicorn valued at almost 4.5 billion euros in January 2022, and maintain a small stake.

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N°8: Jonathan Anguelov, X. Durand, O. Pailhes and P.-B. Béchu (600 million euros, ranking 197)

Jonathan Anguelov, Xavier Durand, Olivier Pailhes and Pierre-Baptiste Béchu co-founded Aircall. This corporate telephony solution start-up was created in 2014 at the eFounders studio. His background is very heterogeneous: Olivier Pailhes holds an MBA from HEC, worked at the Boston Consulting Group and at ArcelorMittal. Jonathan Anguelov studied finance at ESCP Europe and started in London. Xavier Durand holds a degree in computer science and Pierre-Baptiste Béchu studied engineering at Ecole Centrale de Lyon. All four pooled their skills to launch this start-up, which benefited from an acceleration program in San Francisco. Since its inception, Aircall, which has offices in Paris and New York, has raised over $100 million in multiple stages.

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N°7: Philippe Corrot and Adrien Nussenbaum (650 million euros, 183rd place)

Those two forty-something years founded a market publisher that has become a world leader in the industry. Mirakl was valued at $3.5 billion in a late 2021 fundraiser. They own a fifth.



N°6: Olivier Gaudin, Freddy Mallet and Simon Brandhof (800 million euros, 148th place)

The three founders of SonarSource, software for checking errors in computer codes, own less than a third of them, after the last fundraising (375 million euros).

sonarsource. with


N°5: Alexandre Yazdi and Laurent Ritter (850 million euros, 139th place

The two founders of Voodoo retain control of their start-up, Europe’s number 1 in mobile games (revenue: 425 million), after the purchase of 16% by GBL, the holding company of the Frère-Desmarais families.

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N°4: Florian Douetteau, Clément Stenac, Marc Batty and Thomas Cabrol (€1,000 million, 113th place)

The founders own 25% of Dataiku, a platform that helps companies develop artificial intelligence projects, valued at $4.6 billion when it raised money in August 2021.



#3: Stanislas Niox-Château, Ivan Schneider and Jessy Bernal (1.150 billion, rank 102)

Those 30-somethings own about a fifth of Doctolib, Europe’s No. 1 in medical appointment scheduling, valued at €5.8 billion during its last fundraising in March 2022.

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N°2: Renaud Laplanche (1,200 billion euros, 97th place)

This Frenchman based in the United States founded Upgrade, a platform for loans between individuals in 2017, valued at more than 6 billion dollars after two consecutive fundraising in August and November 2021.

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N°1: Alex Bouaziz (2 billion euros, 58th place)

This French-Israeli, who grew up in Paris, co-founded Deel in 2019, a salary transfer platform (turnover: 100 million) that scares accountants: its valuation reached 12 billion dollars in May.


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