Deciphering the trends not to be missed in e-commerce

Since the pandemic, companies must meet the new expectations of consumers who have developed an omnichannel shopping journey, which has become the norm today.

By developing your presence in the various sales channels, it is possible to offer consumers the most unique, complete and personalized experience.

But in an ever-changing industry like retail, how can we anticipate future trends to go further in the customer experience? Johan Benoualid, Managing Director EMEA and APAC at Akeneo, and other retail experts took advantage of this event to share key market trends and reflect on highlights from the first part of the year, including the MACH ONE conference, which took place in London on June 28 and 29th of 2022 and Shoptalk Europe which took place from 6th to 8th of June, also in London. Something to think about for brands and distributors who want to stand out and move forward.

Inspire the customer in every way possible

As mentioned above, the buyer journey is now omnichannel oriented. However, it is clear that each channel responds to different uses: if the web is dedicated to efficiency, physical stores leave room for discovery, the possibility of experimenting, being warned and immediately discarding the purchased item. So many benefits for the customer that must now be transferred to e-commerce sites to offer an even more complete customer experience.

In fact, brands must be inspired by the services used in stores to arouse the same emotion in the customer, in their digital channels. Some big brands have already adopted this business model for their development: in fashion and cosmetics, for example, more and more brands are offering the services of an online consultant to accompany customers during their visit to your website.

Hyper-personalization to build your customer relationship

The act of purchase is above all the result of an experience lived by the customer: if it is a failure, the consumer will have it in mind and will see the competition. On the contrary, increasing the customer journey ensures a certain connection with the consumer and increases your average basket at the same time. For this, shaping the brand’s storytelling to lead the customer on a journey created and personalized for him is the preferred solution.

“Consumers want a consistent experience across all channels. Product information is essential to having a good customer experience. It helps consumers find the right product that meets their needs. There are, therefore, many questions around the management of product information”, says Johan Benoualid.

Always go faster!

If hyperpersonalization helps increase the average basket, services around the customer journey are important too! On top of the latter, delivery is particularly decisive: 41% of consumers are willing to pay additional costs for same-day delivery (PwC survey, June 2022). Consumers now want the brand to take the lead and offer a very fast solution: 24-hour delivery, online payment, order status, etc.

Communication throughout the entire purchase process and after the basket has been validated is also essential: the customer must be able to accurately track their order at all times. The more updates and information he receives, the more he will place his trust in the distributor and be inclined to make future purchases. All channels must therefore be used to manage this flow of information. Quick service is the norm in 2022: quick-commerce is proof of that!

Time is not just money

Indeed, to attract consumers, brands cannot continue to focus solely on price; on the contrary, they should focus on the value, on the experience they can create. The customer experience must be fluid and save the consumer’s time: he must be able to easily identify the information he is looking for, both on a website and on social networks.

To go further in this logic of immediacy, more and more brands are also offering the “1-click checkout”, thanks to which consumers can buy a product without going through the basket validation phase. The upside: Shopping cart abandonment is greatly reduced (about 30%, according to Commercetools). Hence the importance of brands continuing to work on the fluidity of their platforms. And it is by investing in a PIM that they will be able to face this challenge.

All these indicators lead to a precise architecture: composable trade. It is today the best ally of companies and responds exactly to the challenges of the customer relationship. During the MACH ONE event last June, major brands were able to share their experiences and demonstrate the success of this method combining unique features and experience. To do this, Akeneo’s PIM is the foundation that will enable companies to become the benchmark for successful customer experiences.

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