what to choose for day trips?

To get around everyday, does your heart fluctuate between an electric scooter or an electric bike? These two smooth travel modes are popular, here’s how to decide between them.

The electric bicycle or VAE as well as the electric scooter are on the rise. They allow you to leave the car in the garage and move independently sometimes on long trips. Depending on your needs and uses, the scooter or bicycle will be more suitable for you. Here’s what to watch out for to make your daily commute easier.

The power

Generally, an electric bike has more power than a scooter. Do the routes you plan to take have a lot of slopes? Make sure your electric scooter will be able to travel the distance without burning out. Low-cost models may stop on the first steep climb. With an e-bike, the hills are less of a problem since you can make your legs go. Electric assistance helps you not reach the top out of breath.


If we take speed into account, the electric scooter and the Electric Bicycle arrive tied. Both machines have speed limited to 25 km/h. Going faster is therefore illegal. Of course, on both sides you find devices that happily exceed this limitation. Want to play crazy on the handlebars? Attention, the fines are salty. Since July 2022 and the new regulations on e-scooters, police checks have intensified. If your machine is not homologated for the road, it will be confiscated. Something to think twice about before buying equipment that does not comply with the law.

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The electric scooter with sound small sizeyour lightness it’s him ingenious folding system it’s completely irresistible. It slides between cars, gets carried away on public transport and can be stowed away in seconds. Hard to do better than that! Do you live in a big and congested city, your trips are short and you have little available space to store a means of transport? The scooter is perfect. Saves valuable time by keeping clutter to a minimum. No need to look for a place to park it like a car. Just bring your electric scooter to your place of work or store it in your apartment once you arrive at your destination. As the electric scooter slides easily inside buildings, it also limits the risk of theft.

An electric bike weighing around 25 kg takes up space. Not to mention that it is impossible to take it by bus. You have to struggle to find a place for it on the tram (absolutely outside rush hour) and even on the train, multimodality remains difficult.

The price

While it is possible to find very good deals on both e-scooters and e-bikes, the two machines do not compete in the same price range. An electric scooter costs between €300 and €800 with entry models at €200. The price of a good electric bike varies between €2000 and €3000. Entry models start at €800.

Some Belgian regions and municipalities grant a bonus for purchasing an electrically assisted bicycle. In Wallonia, if you buy an e-bike for home-work trips (which must account for at least 40% of trips), the region intervenes up to €100 to €350 for a used bike and €200 to €450 for a new one. bicycle. Your municipality can also help you, find out! In Brussels, a €500 to €900 bonus is awarded if you cancel your license plate to buy an e-bike, use a car-sharing system like Cambio or Poppy, subscribe to Villo or opt for a transport subscription.


Riding an e-bike is also an indirect way to play sports and stay in shape. pedaling keeps a good level of cardio especially since you can choose the level of assistance. With an electric scooter, none of that. You climb on it and let yourself go. That’s also why it seduces, because it doesn’t require physical effort.

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