With the risk of yard breakdownsantThe worse goes this will happen for carsilistas who ran This year at the cars electric (+32% with 100,000 records) thought make a good dealdrive cheaper and more ecological?

Carlos TAVARES – Photo: Gilles VITRY Autonewsinfo

Alreadyin particular, some builders did not hide it does not seem by Carlos Tavares, The great group leader Stellantis – which includes in particular the French brands DS, Citroën and Peugeot – which has repeatedly designed the sononoyoualarm youThis one the electric car was not The panacea.

But hasabove all a necessity for them ifthey wanted to escape the mega– crazy fines from Brussels reducing drastically your emissions of COtwo…

Carlos explaining:

» The world is crazy. The fact that the authorities to go in a technological direction, that of the electric vehicle, is a big turning point.

I would not like that in 30 years we discover something that is not as beautiful as it seems, about recycling batteries, the use of rare materials from the planet, about the electromagnetic emissions of the battery in a state of charge.?

How are we going to produce more clean electricity?

How can the carbon footprint of manufacturing an electric vehicle battery not be an ecological disaster?

How to ensure that recycling a battery is not an ecological disaster?

How to find raw material rare enough to make cells and battery chemistry in the long term?

Who deals with the issue of clean mobility as a whole?

Who is today asking the question from a social point of view that is broad enough to take into account all these parameters?

I worry as a citizen, because as a car manufacturer I am not audible.
All this turmoil, all this chaos, will backfire because we make bad decisions in emotional contexts..

While the global carbon balance is far from virtuous if we remove it from the production chain with the overexploitation of rare earths that locally represent an ecological disasterogic but far from home, in China or South America.

In other words, let’s say… we turned a blind eye when our urban pollution problem was simply transferred to the other side of the planet!

And in condemning internal combustion engines to death by 2030, Brussels’ dogmatic myopic ecologists didn’t want to hear anything about the other solutions. techniques currently under development.

As green fuels that emit zero C02 already being tested at Porsche, and allowing spin again good old heat engines.

And even the hydrogen already used in some countries in internal combustion engines without necessarily being used to power an electric motor through a fuel cell.

Emmanuel Macron has a good game to seriously herald “the end of abundance”.

Putin’s fault?

Not only. It was he, with Elisabeth Borne, then Minister for Ecological Transition, who closed the Fessenheim nuclear plant to stroke his environmentalist voters in the direction of the hair.

a pure decision Policy who France is now forcing France to import coal-fired electricity from Germany…

hello the releases of COtwo!

And to get back up and running in the event of a disaster, to compensate for the power outage, the Saint Avold closed last March.

Added to this catastrophic scenario is the forced shutdown of 32 nuclear reactors (almost half of the fleet!) due to corrosion defects, which increases the risk of lack current and rationing.

Hence this troubling question:

they 800,000 electric cars in circulation in France will they be able to recharge to continue driving?

and the queues at the gas pumps of the first oil shock of 1973 will reappear this time at charging stations?

With drivers forced to push their broken car to refuelVision…

nothing is less rightbecause sometimes history stutters…

And even if none cut current would put us in an unfortunate situation situation, another threat approaches:

If the kilowatt price continues to rise according to the experts’ estimate, travel by electric car may no longer be beneficial.

And it will be more expensive at this rate than gasoline…

A technological mirage that would turn into a scam. How tall would it be!

Conclusion… The electric car has a bright future: we are told that we will start by turning off the city lights to spend the winter 🤣🤣

No joking !

Philippe Genet

Photos: Gilles VITRY

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