, the new legal information start-up that innovates with Open Data

The new start-up arrived on the French market with the aim of revolutionizing transparency and knowledge sharing. Within its digital platform, it offers data from several million companies for free to all its members. This legal information was until now in the hands of private and paying companies. From now on, allows you to access it in just a few clicks, thanks to its extensive database.

A digital platform that makes your life easier

The digital platform aims to make research easier for everyone, providing free access to official documents that normally take a long time to find, such as downloading a Kbis extract for example. The founders want to offer as many resources and services as possible to professionals and individuals. Those who seek official and legal information about various companies in a simple and fast way.

Its web portal allows you to find unlimited and daily updated data on more than 10 million companies and managers. It offers you the opportunity to discover the essential data of the companies that interest you. In fact, this information portal gives you access to more than 80 million documents that can be consulted and downloaded for free:

  • Siren / Siren number
  • Directors name and contact details
  • Trademarks
  • insolvency proceedings
  • company agreements
  • balance sheets
  • annual accounts
  • Statutes
  • registration certificate
  • etc.

This open data (Open Data) is gathered in one place. Simple, fast and efficient, the site strives to make your search easier. To build its rich database is partnering with several companies: Bodacc, Inpi, Insee and private and paid APIs. These partnerships allow you to provide your users with complete and even confidential information.

This new start-up helps many professionals such as accountants, lawyers, salespeople, business managers and many more. It is designed for all people who need reliable information about French companies. Its services allow you to limit the risks in the conclusion of a contract or partnership, carry out a market study or know in detail the situation of a supplier or customer.

What is open data also called open data?

Open data is data that everyone can access: individuals, professionals and even the government. They have 3 main features: they are accessible to everyone, they are reusable and redistributable and they are not subject to any restrictions.

Open Data promotes interoperability and allows data to be associated with each other. It represents a real economic and social challenge and allows new services, projects or products to see the light of day.

The services offered by the startup

Registration on the website is free and fast. Simply create an account by entering essential information about yourself: last name, first name, email address, zip code, your company name or Siret/Siren.

Thanks to the creation of your account, you become a member and thus you can use its free services. To collect data on the companies of your choice, simply enter their name or your Siret/Siren in the search bar. The company created an ergonomic and accessible website so that everyone can use its services, even beginners.

The start-up does not stop there in offering its services, it offers its users a better experience. In fact, the platform has created premium subscriptions for its members who want to access even more information and documents.

A premium subscription of €49.90 per month with no commitment that allows subscribers to: download 5 Kbis per month, unlimited search of VAT numbers and consultation of managers’ contacts. A much more advantageous price than other platforms that offer the same services but billed for the act. In addition, a 48-hour trial period is offered to you in order to ensure the quality of the services before subscribing to them.

Soon, will add to its offer a notification system that allows you to automatically alert about important legal changes in companies selected by users. This competitive intelligence system is a small revolution in the world of legal information. is a serious alternative to the leaders already present in the legal information market. It revolutionizes transparency, access to Open Data and offers its users an innovative experience.

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