François GBRnR – Three days to cover 900 km in your Tesla Model 3, what a bummer!

Three days to drive 900 km in an electric car? Of course ! All Automobile-Propre readers know that the range problem has long been solved. Perhaps it was the fact of going on vacation, on a big departure weekend, that caused endless queues at charging stations and that made the trip as difficult as an Agen – Verdun by TER? No more. The only reason this headline exists is that it makes people click.

several years ago that the press and the media in general give the electric car a pat on the back. They exploit the fear of change, amplify the danger this new technology will bring, it’s easy to write, and it grabs attention. It’s a rope that’s been used many times: from harmful WiFi waves to video games that make Internet criminals that would mark the end of human relationships.

In France, we were presented with some reports that explore this title. For example, the magazine Tout Compte Fait. A lady testifies that it would take her 4 days to go on vacation with her electric car. It was 2017, things have changed, you will tell me. But not ! Just last year, France 2 broadcast a dependent report on the electric car. The reactions were numerous on social networks and, here, we concluded that France 2 was telling nonsense.

In the United States, this bias of exploiting people’s fear and demons has a name: FUD. It is the acronym of Fear, uncertainty and death. For a long time, a certain company there, which pioneered the construction of electric cars, paid the price.

I use this same technique to attract attention, but the goal is quite different. All this negative information about electric mobility has an impact: cslander, slander, there will always be something left! I think it’s time to put the truth back in people’s minds: the battle against fake news it’s a necessity.

Who am I ? My name is Francois Claire. For several years I have been posting videos on YouTube to help people live with their thermal car, and since 2019 also electric. As a youtuber, I also use incentive titles, but always in the spirit of sharing an authentic and true experience. Automobile-Propre gave me a little space to show you my video of the day and I thank you for that.

So I filmed the trip from our family vacation departure in a Tesla Model 3 Long Range (spoiler: it didn’t take us three days to go through the 900 terminals). The car was fully charged in both senses of the term: the battery, the compartments and the cabin were full! We see that the autonomy displayed is completely utopian when driving the 130 on the highway: it is something we know and that does not prevent long trips. As it is a Tesla, GPS automatically plans stops and recharges and the increasingly dense mesh of the Supercharger network makes the charging experience easy, fast and pleasant.

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I share my experience with my Tesla Model 3. Certainly having an integrated solution with car + charging network makes things simple, but today there are many possibilities for electric cars from other brands. There are planning tools like ChargeMap or A Better Route Planner that are excellent and make traveling by electric car as easy as Tesla.

Here is a table summarizing the route:

steps Distance Time
~Metz → Troyes 282km 2:39 am
🪫 Troyes 🔋 0:26
Troyes → Orléans 214km 1h53
🪫 Orleans 🔋 0:23
Orleans → Poitiers 205km 1h51
🪫 Poitiers 🔋 12:17 am
Poitiers → ~Santos 190km 2:10 am
Total 891km 9:39

So, of course, not everything is perfect, there is still a lot to be done to ensure that the charging network has enough capacity to accommodate exceptional peaks in consumption during major matches. There have been reports of wait times of over an hour to get to a charging station this summer. But Tesla has a solution. Fortunately: I even saw it fit right in front of my eyes. It was also under my camera’s eye, so I let you find that out in the video!

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