Thibaut Manent, the businessman who toasts to save the forest

The number is jumping. Every day in Indonesia, no less than twenty-five orangutans die due to deforestation. Enough to convince Thibaut Manent that he made the right choice to give up his job in the business to design products whose sales contribute to the preservation of the environment.

The first born of his imagination: Papa Outang, a palm oil-free, refillable folder that finances the purchase of forest land in Indonesia before oil palm operators take it. As an added snub, Papa Outang arrives in supermarkets, along with the very products that the 26-year-old entrepreneur targets without hiding.

Seduce Monoprix

It took two years of work, tweaking and development on the Internet to achieve the goal: referencing Papa Outang in the very closed circle of mass distribution. The first sign seduced is Monoprix. But “others can follow”expects Thibaut Manent, already in negotiation with several networks.

The idea of ​​an alternative spread came to him in his family: “One morning I saw an industrial pot on the breakfast table and immediately spoke to my mother about the damage done by the palm oil industry,recalls Thibaut Manent. When I came back, she had prepared a homemade paste, without oil. It was the trigger. »

With cocoa, cane sugar, hazelnuts and oat milk to bind, he, together with his partner, Loïc Guichaoua, develops a recipe in a glass jar, which, once empty, can be refilled with easy-to-cook refills. And the pair lean on the French association Kalaweit, which buys hectares of forest in Sumatra and Borneo, where it collects gibbons left orphaned by deforestation and poaching. “Every square meter saved is a victory, our action is very concrete”welcomes the entrepreneur, who insists that his first sales have enabled him to protect 140,000 mtwo of forests.

Flash pass in the pub

A few years ago, this video game geek had no idea of ​​his future in entrepreneurship. Landed from his art school at age 21, Thibaut Manent joined the highly regarded Parisian agency BETC. But after a year working for big brands, he changed his plans. “Advertising was definitely not the world I wanted to work in”he says.

There are three levels of entrepreneurs: entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and those, like Thibaut, for whom entrepreneurship is more of a consequence than a goal. This is the way they found to act and change things.

Alexandre Dana, co-founder of Live Mentor

Curious to discover the world of start-ups, Thibaut Manent spent two years at Crème de la Crème, which brought together independent workers and companies. But he is quickly overtaken by a cause that has been dear to him since he was a teenager and for which he spent hours scouring the Internet for information: the environment.

“As movements like Extinction Rebellion and Youth for Climate started to make noise, I felt I had to act”analyzes this young boss who has always been passionate about primates and still owns the orangutan stuffed animal he never left as a child.

The business association set

With Papa Outang, Thibaut Manent hopes to invent new uses around the consumption of this emblematic breakfast or snack product, whose sales weigh 554 million euros in France (+ 10% in 2021). “There are three levels of entrepreneurs in the world: entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and those, like Thibaut, for whom entrepreneurship is more a consequence than a goal. This is the way they found to act and change things.comments his friend and co-founder of Live Mentor, Alexandre Dana.

Thibaut Manent does not intend to stop there. With his partner, he wants to duplicate the company-association set linked to life with other products. In addition, a soft drink, called Nemo, whose sale would finance the collection of plastic waste in the oceans, is already under study…

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