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a clean mascara

The more we apply, the fuller our lashes are! This mascara with recycled orange peel fibers instantly adds volume while strengthening lashes for the long term thanks to an algae extract. The tube is made from recycled plastic, the clean and vegan formula, no synthetic fragrance or PEG, gentle on the eyes, water resistant.

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Maximist Phytofiber Volumizing Mascara, Bareminerals, approx. 32 fr.

Swollen lips without injection

The fashion is full lips. Huda Beauty offers us two options for volume without injections, cold or hot! Silk Balm Spicy feels like you’ve bitten into a pepper (Sichuan pepper’s fault), but the tingling quickly disappears to make way for 4 hours of hydration. The glow creates the illusion of 3D volume. The Icy Silk Balm does the same, but with an ice effect.

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Silk balm, spicy or iced, Huda Beauty, 29 fr. 90.

A soothing night serum

Star active against wrinkles, retinol is difficult to formulate because it is potentially irritating. Biotherm has combined it with its signature ingredient, Life Plankton, made up of microorganisms present in the thermal water, which has a great affinity for the skin and helps it to regenerate. This set achieves convincing results, twice as effective as pure retinol.

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Blue Retinol Night Serum, Biotherm, approx. 99 fr. the 30ml.

the ultimate stylist

The second generation Dyson Airwrap replaces the hairdresser for perfect brushing while protecting your hair. Thanks to the Coanda effect, the locks envelop the different ends to dry, straighten, curl, add volume, without excessive heat. Goodbye flabby lengths and foamy texture, hair is shiny and disciplined in no time. The result of many years of research, the Airwrap has its price, but it is a good investment. The new accessories are compatible with the first model.

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Dyson AirWrap Multistyler, 649 fr.

Care for the future

Launched in 2007 by Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins, My Blend pioneered personalized care. The Clarins group’s niche brand returns in 2022, reinforced by the latest discoveries in clean cosmetics and epigenetics (influence of environment and lifestyle). The result: a triple approach – nutrition, dermatology and technology – for cutting-edge treatments with plant actives, food supplements and technological tools (diagnostic application and LED mask).

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lighter skin

IRÄYE is an innovative Swiss cosmetics line launched by a dermatologist professor at ETH Zurich, a plastic surgeon and skin care specialist. His credo: activating the lymphatic system allows you to detoxify the skin of its dead cells, metabolic wastes and other oxidants. As a result, it is healthier and brighter. Two products are currently available, a cream and a serum, which will be followed this fall by an eye contour.

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A refined silhouette at home

Technology is bringing professional aesthetic services to our bathrooms. Thus, Sensica devices make it possible to remove at home using reactive pulsed light, a cellulite treatment using high-frequency waves or even a radiofrequency facelift. Non-invasive, safe (the care list is still important) and easy to use, at an affordable price and no appointment.

Sensifirm, 349 fr. ( and

goodbye baldness

Hair implants are no longer a taboo. To remedy the hair loss complex, which affects both women and men, there is no need to go abroad anymore. A start-up based in Winterthur, Hair & Skin has opened three centers in French-speaking Switzerland (Geneva, Freiburg and Lausanne) that practice safe hair transplant techniques and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment at affordable prices (from 2900 fr., almost half of the rates observed in Switzerland).

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