a large 6.5-seater smart electric SUV with 600 km of range

Skoda unveils the impressive Vision 7S electric car. An imposing seven-seater family SUV that involves us both in the new aesthetics of the brand, but also in the technical and technological solutions that will arrive in the future electric models of the Czech company.

Skoda is celebrating this August 30, 2022 in its stronghold of Mlada Boleslav. The Czech manufacturer of the Volkswagen group is back with a series of announcements about its future and its future models. New design, new logo and complete manufacturer identity update, ads are linked. But what better than a concrete example of an electric car to better understand what awaits us?

And this is precisely what Skoda offers us with the Vision 7S concept car, an imposing, 100% electric family SUV that foreshadows one of the brand’s three new zero-emission models that will be marketed until 2026.

A big battery and very fast charging

Before looking at the design of this SUV, one of the arguments in the presentation of the Vision 7S is its autonomy: 600 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. A figure that looks realistic given the advertised battery capacity at 89 kWh.

A very important capacity for those using the MEB platform, well above what is currently done in the Volkswagen group, at least among generalists, and which is close to that of a Porsche Taycan (93 kWh). On the charging side too, the Vision 7S doesn’t do things by halves and plans to be able to charge at 200 kW at maximum power.

Durable interior and camera to monitor baby

As its name suggests, the Vision 7S is made for accommodate seven passengers on board. But in a configuration that is, to say the least, new and different from the seven-seat Tesla Model Y. In fact, there are three rows of seats, but two seats at a time. Where is seventh place? Is about center console mounted child seat, between the seats in the second row, facing backwards. ” The safest place in the car explains Skoda and adds that a camera positioned above allows an image to be transmitted to the central screen to monitor the child.

In terms of materials, Skoda has opted for sustainable or recycled materials, such as the tread that comes from reused tires, or fabrics made from 100% recycled polyester yarn.


In addition, two interior configurations were designed: one for driving, classic and one for relaxing. The latter is used in particular when the car must be recharged., and allows, at the touch of a button, to transform the interior: the steering wheel and instrumentation move away from the driver to leave more space, the seats recline so that the central screen is more visible to the rear passengers. Screen that rotates from vertical to horizontal to make room for entertainment.

simplified technology

Skoda’s concept gives pride of place to screens. starting with the big 14.6-inch center and vertical slab. The Czech company explains that, in keeping with the minimalist interior, the infotainment menus have been optimized to be more intuitive. Like haptic feedback for the most important functions, which are displayed with bright orange accents for easier identification.

Furthermore, the entire user experience has been redesigned here with driving functions that are displayed at the top of the screen, such as navigation. At the bottom of the screen are the infotainment functions. And widgets can be placed wherever the driver wants, such as for the retransmission of the image of the baby in its central armchair.

Skoda Vision 7S-00005

In “Driving” mode, an augmented reality head-up display shows the most important data, while 8.8 inch digital instrumentationother driving information is extra.

In “Relax” mode, a touchpad helps control more advanced functions. It’s possible to play or watch videos on the screen positioned in landscape modeand control it remotely via smartphone.

You can write on the seats

As usual, Skoda has racked its brains to offer all passengers in-cabin tips, known as ” simply smart“. In this Skoda Vision 7S, for the rear passengers, we will find in particular magnets in the front seats to connect a tablet or smartphone. Same thing on the front with magnets on the center console for the phone and below for a first aid kit or a metal bottle.

Colored lights are also present here and there in the cabin, in orange to indicate the door handles, in blue or red to indicate the air conditioning temperature. Even more original, it is possible for passengers to write with their finger on the fabric of the seats. Useful for kids to draw!

Immerse yourself in Skoda’s future design

The least we can say is that in front of this Skoda Vision 7S, without a logo on the front, it would not be easy to determine the brand without knowing it in advance. Is that you would find it almost melodies of Fisker Ocean. In fact, the Skoda Vision 7S is the first model to show us the new stylistic identity that will be found in all models of the brand. Starting with what the Volkswagen group manufacturer calls the Tech-Deck Face, a reinterpretation of the Skoda grille.


Flatter and wider than current grilles, this front face replaces the entire SKODA name logo. Full-width dark rib hides vehicle sensors. The front and rear LED lights are now T-shaped, the outside mirrors are cameras, the door handles are flush and sensitive and surprisingly vertically integrated. 22 inch rims I have nothing to envy to the current Audi RS e-tron GT!

The fact that the bodywork is matte, unprecedented for the brand, should also be found in future productions. The material of the bumper, as well as the wheel arches, are made from recycled materials, tires. The vertical strips are air intakes to cool the batteries and brakes. Oranges hide tow hooks.

Skoda Vision 7S-00006

2030 target

This Skoda Vision 7S is an integral part of the electrification strategy of the range called ” Next Level – Škoda Strategy 2030″. The brand’s goal is to sell 50 to 70% of electric vehicles by that time. The zero-emission range of the Mlada Boleslav company currently consists of the Enyaq iV and Enyaq Coupé iV (the small Citigo and is no longer in the catalogue) and three new models, including the production version of this Vision 7S, from now 2026. Rumors of a future city ​​car has also emerged recently, while we’ve also heard about a certain SUV called the Elroq.

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