A jury nominates the 100 personalities who are shaping digital technology in Switzerland

Business magazine Bilanz named its list of Digital Shapers for the 7th time. These are 100 personalities shaping digital in Switzerland, according to a twelve-person jury. The list is divided into 10 categories: Infrastructure Builders, Connectors, Unicorn Makers, Digital Manufacturers, Avatars, Cyber ​​Security Guards, AI Masters, eMedics, Foodies, Nature Techies, and Hall of Fame.

Composition of the Jury

The jury is composed of: Marc Kowalsky (Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Bilanz), Stefan Metzger (Managing Director of DigitalSwitzerland), Thierry Vial (Editor-in-Chief of PME Magazine), Caroline Widmer (Director of Pulse Incubateur HES), Andri Silberschmidt ( National PLR Advisor and Executive Assistant at Planzer), Luciana Vaccaro (Dean of HES-SO), Arijana Walcott (Founder and Managing Partner of DART Labs | Ventures), Eric Saracchi (Chief Digital & Information Officer of Firmenich), Domenico Scala (President, Basel Area Business & Innovation), Roland Siegwart (Professor at ETHZ, Co-Director/Founder of the Wyss Zurich Center), Aleksandra Laska (Investor, Partner at Redalpine), Jelena Tasic Pizzolato (Managing Director of the LifestyleTech Competence Center ).

Infrastructure builders

In the eyes of the jury, Infrastructure Builders contributes to the framework conditions for digitization: technical infrastructure, legal regulations and data platforms.

  • Nikki Böhler, longtime director of Opendata.ch, Zurich

  • Carla Bünger, CEO Kore Technologies, Zug

  • Florian Evéquoz, Founder of Datastory and Professor HES-SO, Lausanne

  • Catrin Hinkel, CEO of Microsoft Switzerland, Zurich

  • Daniel Markwalder, Delegate of the Federal Council for Digital Transformation and ICT Governance (DTI), Bern

  • Marc Oehler, CEO Infomaniak, Geneva

  • Sylvie Reinhard, Chairman of the “Republik” Board, Zurich

  • Stefan Steiner, co-director of Venturelab, Zurich

  • Gavin Wood, founder and president of Web3 Foundation, co-founder of Ethereum, founder of Parity Technologies, Zug

  • Franz Grüter, President of the Green Council and SVP National Councilor, Eich LU


In the category of connectors, the jury chose those that, in their view, excel in building ecosystems, in the ability to connect digital players and fill regional gaps for collaborative digital projects.

  • Anamaria Meshkurti, Marketing Manager Fongit, Geneva

  • Sophie Lamparter, co-founder and CEO of Dart Labs, San Francisco

  • Silvan Krähenbühl, Managing Director Swisspreneur, Director Corporate Accounts Rentouch, Zurich

  • Bramwell Kaltenrieder, professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Bern, Biel

  • Judith Bellaiche, PVL/ZH national councilor, director of Swico, Bern

  • Daniela Bar-Gera, Head of the Basel Plug and Play Office, Basel/Zurich

  • Nadja Perroulaz, co-founder and chairman of Liip, Zurich

  • Rolf Schaub, founder of ICT Scouts / Campus Förderverein, Basel

  • Elena Walder-Schiavone, co-founder and managing partner of Übermorgen Ventures, Zurich

  • Charlotte Axelsson, Director of E-Learning, ZHdK, Zurich

unicorn breeders

In the Unicorn Breeders category, the jury identified ten personalities that should obtain unicorn status with their start-up.

  • Felix Adamczyk, Founder and CEO Qiio, Zurich

  • Marc Aeschlimann, Founder and CEO Smood, Geneva

  • Wiktor Bourée, Founder and CEO Technis, Lausanne

  • Cristian Grossmann, co-founder and CEO Beekeeper, Zurich

  • Severin Hacker, co-founder and CTO Duolingo, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/USA

  • Jasmine Kent, co-founder and CTO Dufour Aerospace, Zurich

  • Amir Suissa, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Wefox, Zurich

  • Guillaume Pousaz, Founder and CEO Checkout.com, London

  • Melanie Gabriel, co-founder and CMO Yokoy, Zurich

  • Samuel Müller, CEO Scandit, Zurich

digital manufacturers

For the members of the jury, Digital Manufacturers are at the forefront of production in the digital field or stand out in the production of technological solutions for the evolution of industrial production.

  • Xavier Comtesse, co-founder of ManufactureThinking.ch, Neuchâtel

  • Richard Ettl, co-founder and CEO Skycell, Zurich

  • Martin Eichenhofer, CEO and co-founder of 9T Labs, Zurich

  • Ken Forster, Founder and Managing Director of Momenta, Engelberg OW

  • Patrick Galliker, co-founder and CEO Scrona, Zurich

  • Dominic Gorecky, Head of Swiss Smart Factory / Partner Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne, Bern and Bienne

  • Agnès Petit, co-founder and CEO Mobbot, Bern

  • Adrian Helbling, co-founder of Ecoparts, Hinwil ZH

  • Anna Valente, Director of the Supsi Automation, Robotics and Machinery Laboratory, Lugano

  • Philipp Schmid, Head Research / Business Development Industry 4.0 & Machine Learning CSEM, Lucerne


For the Avatars category, the jury identified ten personalities who build or use new environments such as augmented, virtual or mixed reality.

  • Javier Bello Ruiz, co-founder and CEO Imverse, Lausanne

  • Pascal Bérard, head of Avatar AI Nvidia, Zurich

  • Laetitia Bochud, Director of Virtual Switzerland, Geneva

  • Ulrich Götz, Head of the Game Design Program, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zurich

  • Sven Brunner, co-founder and CEO Holo One, Santa Clara (USA)

  • Emilie Joly, CEO Zoe Immersive, Los Angeles

  • Franck Milet, Founder and CEO Secondworld.ch, Ecublens VD

  • Marc Pollefeys, Professor of Computer Science ETH Zurich, Director Microsoft MR & AI Lab, Zurich

  • Tomas Sluka, co-founder and CEO Creal, Lausanne

  • Nina Röhrs, co-founder and CEO Roehrs & Boetsch, Stäfa ZH

cyber security guards

Cyber ​​security guards are active in protecting systems and data from cyber threats such as hackers and viruses.

  • Martin Blatter, CEO of Threema, Pfäffikon SZ

  • Theodora Dragan, Swiss Data Protection Officer, Pictet, Geneva

  • Stéphane Duguin, CEO of CyberPeace Institute, Geneva

  • Solange Ghernaouti, Professor at the University of Lausanne and Director of the Swiss Cybersecurity Advisory Research Group, Lausanne

  • David Gugelmann, CEO Exeon Analytics, Zurich

  • Christophe Hauert, founder and general secretary cyber-safe.ch, Lausanne

  • Shira Kaplan, founder of Cyverse and Cyverse Capital, Zug

  • Adrian Perrig, Professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich

  • Florian Schütz, Federal Cybersecurity Delegate, Bern

  • Nicola Staub, CEO and co-founder of Cybera, New York

AI Masters

According to the jury, the selected AI Masters either revolutionize artificial intelligence (AI) or revolutionize the world with AI.

  • Alen Arslanagic, CEO and co-founder of Visium, Zurich

  • Nadja Braun Binder, Professor of Public Law, University of Basel

  • Herbert Bay, co-founder of Earkick, Zurich

  • Andy Fitze, co-founder of SwissCognitive, Zurich

  • Paulina Grnarova, co-founder and CEO of DeepJudge AI, Zurich

  • Alexander Ilic, co-founder and director of the ETH AI Center, Zurich

  • Jan Kerschgens, Director of EPFL CIS, Lausanne

  • Laura Tocmacov, CEO and co-founder of ImpactIA Foundation, Geneva

  • Anna Mätzener, Director of AlgorithmWatch Switzerland, Zurich

  • Marcin Pietrzyk, Founder and CEO Unit8, Lausanne


eMedics uses digitization for medicine and healthcare.

  • Ursula Costa, Manager of Patient-Centered Initiatives DayOne, Basel

  • Sven Beichler, Founder and CEO Tom Medications, Uster

  • Arthur Germain, co-founder and CEO OneDoc, Geneva

  • Séverine Gisin, co-founder and CCO Idun Technologies, Zurich

  • Florian Fallegger, co-founder and CTO Neurosoft Bioelectronics, Geneva

  • Maria Hahn, Founder and CEO Nutrix, Basel

  • Tobias Wolf, co-founder and president of CA OnlineDoctor, St. Gallen

  • Henning Müller, professor of computer science, HES-SO Valais in Sierre

  • Loulia Kassem, Founder and CEO Rea Diagnostics, Lausanne

  • Alexis Zawodnik, Director of Digital Health (eHealth) Canton of Geneva, Geneva


According to the jury, the ten people listed in the foodies category are betting on digitization with the aim of making food healthier and more sustainable.

  • Mathieu Asté, Founder and CEO iSense, Zurich

  • Pascal Bieri, co-founder of Planted Foods, Zurich

  • Emilie Dellecker, co-founder of FoodHack, Lausanne

  • Judith Ellens, co-founder of Eaternity, Zurich

  • Christine Gould, Founder and CEO Thought for Food, Basel

  • Tobias Gunzenhauser, co-founder and CEO Yamo, Zug

  • Ian Roberts, CTO Bühler Group, Uzwil SG

  • Christina Senn-Jakobsen, Managing Director Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley, Zurich

  • Raffael Wohlgensinger, Founder and CEO Formo, St. Gallen / Berlin

  • Mark Zahran, Founder and CEO of Yasai, Zurich


For the jury, the personalities listed as Nature Techies stand out for their desire to protect the environment and climate through digitization.

  • Adrian Bührer, serial entrepreneur, Zurich

  • Laurène Descamps, Head of Climate Action and Circular Economy, Impact Hub, Zurich

  • Fidel Esquivel, co-founder and project manager Autonomous River Cleanup (ARC), Zurich

  • Christoph Gebald, co-founder and CA Climeworks, Zurich

  • Renat Heuberger, co-founder and CEO South Pole, Zurich

  • Hilda Liswani, WeBloom Founder and CEO / EPFL Sustainability Engagement Manager, Lausanne

  • Marco Mattmann, Smart Agriculture Manager, Fenaco, Sursee

  • Muriel Richard-Noca, co-founder of Clear Space, Renens

  • Dagmar Weber, Managing Director of Agrosolution, Zollikofen

  • Bertrand Piccard, founder of the Solar Impulse Foundation and the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, Lausanne

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