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Still as a divider, Elon Musk has been participating for several weeks in a real trend, voluntarily and not without a certain irony, feeding a persistent and long-running rumor for several years, announcing that the billionaire would be interested in the acquisition of Manchester United football club. . If that is not the case, still in his own words, Elon Musk continues to make headlines thanks to the various actions of his companies.

We know how much SpaceX seeks to make space tomorrow’s challenge in every way. An idea demonstrated by the permanent evolution of the Starlink project, which seeks to offer an Internet connection to millions of people thanks to the satellite offer. Never far from each other, Elon Musk logically finds an important competitor in this matter with Jeff Bezos. The Amazon boss has indeed developed a similar project that could thwart SpaceX’s plans. Is the Starlink project still that far along?

What is the Starlink project?

It is not really planned – even today – that densely populated areas will benefit largely from fiber optics, but the Starlink project could change the course of things in remote areas, especially on the African continent. . The project dates back to 2015 and since its official launch, Starlink is officially the name of the constellation of satellites placed in low Earth orbit in space. Launches are made logically with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launchers that seek to place, in the long term, nearly 40,000 satellites offering an ultra-fast and particularly stable internet connectionthus encouraging, and against a still quite expensive subscription, the creation of businesses or, more generally, access to diversified entertainment.

What are the advantages of Starlink?

Allowing certain territories to enjoy a stable connection is not a revolution driven by SpaceX. Indeed, all companies in the technology sector seek to advance in this area, protecting their future interests and allowing many populations to benefit from, or even create, new services. Still, the abundance of such projects is a chance and that currently, Starlink is one of the most successful : Already works with very low latency as desired during deployment. This technical feature is fortunate for many areas.

world entertainment. For example, it is impossible not to think about the advancement of online music streaming through Spotify, the production of TV series with Netflix or even online poker, which has become easy to play on the web thanks to various platforms such as PokerStars, known in Worldwide. the world. So many solutions now popular and possible thanks to the frequent deployment of satellites, Starlink or others!

And the Amazon project?

Four years after the announcement of SpaceX, the giant of online sales and present in several areas, announced its similar project. In 2019, Amazon officially launched the Kuiper project. Under the same principle as the ongoing projects by SpaceX or OneWeb, an international pioneer in this field, Kuiper should see its first launches carried out by the end of 2022 after having obtained all the necessary authorizations from the American state.

This ongoing space war between Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk benefits many other businesses in addition to their personal and corporate interests. This is the case of Grupo Ariane, the space company that made France and Europe famous in recent decades. Thanks to her ultimate launch science and her knowledge of the space world, Ariane is indeed an ally of choice for future Kuiper launches. There will initially be 83 to be carried out with the French companyhaving signed for the occasion, his biggest contract in history.

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