T-Mobile announces partnership with Space X to cover the entire United States by satellite

In the United States, as elsewhere, in order to have a network, you must be in an area covered by mobile antennas, otherwise you will be in “network unavailable” with the inability to make calls (even for emergencies ). Operator T-Mobile has decided to join forces with Elon Musk’s company to offer additional coverage via…satellite!

T-Mobile and SpaceX

This is an announcement that no one expected, T-Mobile has just launched a new type of mobile coverage exclusively for its subscribers. The American mobile operator will soon offer a cellular service based on satellites belonging to the company Space X.
In order to provide “near-total coverage” in the United States, including territorial waterways, the new technology will use the mid-band 5G spectrum of T-countrywide Mobile’s and SpaceX’s second-generation Starlink satellites in low Earth orbit.

If the technique is effective, the “moving dead zones” will definitely be eliminated and consumers will stay connected even when mobile antennas are not nearby, which would be extremely useful in emergency situations.

This advance is extraordinary and can also be implemented outside the United States, both companies are convinced that reciprocal roaming agreements with international mobile operators would make it possible to offer this service anywhere on the planet.

t mobile and space x partnership

Regarding smartphones that will be compatible with this new cellular network, T-Mobile estimates that the vast majority the smartphone models in circulation on its network will be compatible with Space X’s cellular satellites. In fact, no additional devices will be needed, everything will happen through the chips that already manage 4G/5G in our smartphones.

Will iPhone users be able to take advantage of this new network in the United States? for now, it’s impossible to confirmbut we suspect that, given Apple’s massive market share in the United States, that won’t happen without Cupertino’s star smartphones.

Even so, it must be taken into account that we are talking here about a mid-band 5G spectrum and which iPhones have a 5G modem? iPhone 12 and above. This means you may need at least an iPhone 12 to enjoy the benefits of the T-Mobile and Starlink partnership in the United States.

Elon Musk is convinced it’s a wonderful idea

T-Mobile leaders discussed it at length with the Space X teams, including Elon Musk, who is one of the key people on this incredible project.
According to the billionaire, this novelty will allow remove dead zones in the US, Musk says he’s extremely excited to start this project with T-Mobile.

How will it work?

In about 3-4 years, the satellite network should work across the United States outdoors, in cars and even in buildings. However, the network can become difficult in a house with thick walls or in underground spaces such as car parks, basements, etc.

Using T-mid-band Mobile’s 5G spectrum, smartphones will be able to connect to a constellation of SpaceX’s second-generation Starlink satellites in low Earth orbit, equipped with state-of-the-art antennas.

This new network is not intended to replace the infrastructure of the T-Mobile operator, subscribers will always call priority on mobile antennas near their positions.
However, the satellite network will have a interest for the white areas, you will continue to receive phone calls, send SMS/MMS and be connected to the Internet.

Speeds as in mobile antennas?

Don’t expect 1Gbit/sec downstream speed as you can sometimes get it via 5G.
According to Elon Musk, second-generation Starlink satellites would be able to deliver data rates up to 2-4 Mb/s for each cellular zone, which would make them acceptable for text messaging and eventually phone calls when enabled.

To take into account, the network of satellites from T-Mobile and Space X will not aim for performance, but rather to improve coverage, allowing you to always stay connected to the mobile network in case of an emergency.

An approximate release in late 2023

ONE version beta will begin in late 2023 for select US states. Next, with greater coverage of the United States, coverage of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and US territorial waters.
T-Mobile and SpaceX want to move on step by step to provide a good quality of service to subscribers.

A free service included in the package

This new coverage in the United States will only have no additional costhowever, T-Mobile intends to make it a point of sale in its packages… the most expensive!
The purpose of this new feature will be to attract US consumers to more expensive packages each month, but the operator guarantees that they will not pay for the option of taking advantage of satellite coverage.

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