Luxury brand Bongenie Grieder enhances product information in e-commerce

The quality of product information on e-commerce sites is a key asset to driving sales. Improving this quality requires better controlled processes and dedicated management software, a PIM, Product Information Manager, which arbitrates the management of product data.

Improved product information in e-commerce

This is the approach implemented for e-commerce at Bongenie Grieder, a Swiss department store chain of the Brunschwig family group that offers luxury and high-end brands such as Alexander Mc Queen, Alaia, Balenciaga, Balmain, Bottega Venetta, Chloe, Gucci, Gran Sasso, Givenchy, Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, Moncler, Monblanc, Tom Ford, Versace, etc. Bongenie Grieder’s positioning is similar to that of Le Bon Marché in France, a subsidiary of the LVMH group.

A first e-commerce site presents the new collections and the second presents the old collections

It is a fashion and luxury icon in Switzerland describes Hugo Roche, Marketing and Digital Director at Bongenie Grieder. He spoke at the Hub Talk event hosted by the Hub Institute on August 25, 2022 in Paris. The brand is working with Akineo on this PIM project. Bongenie Grieder has about fifteen stores and two e-commerce sites. A first e-commerce site presents the new collectionsand the second presents the old collections and event sales. The brand features 450 brands, in fashion, accessories, home and beauty.

PIM is only used in the e-commerce part says Hugo Roche. Faced with the competition, the first objective is, at least, to offer a level of information about products that is already similar to that offered by all market players. ” We want content and a much shorter time to market to always be engaged in this business race continues the manager.

Save time with PIM software

PIM saves time and improves product information and customer experience. ” With PIM we save time and efficiently work with nomenclatures and dictionaries explains Hugo Roche. Initially, the brand manually collected information about the flow of physical products it received. Operators retrieved this product composition and dimension information that was entered into the systems and entered into the ERP through files.

PIM also allows you to work in German without knowing the language »

PIM also allows you to work in German, without knowing the language, as we have a trilingual catalog in French, German and English he adds. Furthermore, ” we were able to safely open our systems to people outside the company, before we could not he says. The time-to-market gain is not quantified today, but the brand is working on it with Akineo.

The PIM software also powers the other tools of e-commerce sites, such as Search and merchandising, or more recently Live Shopping. ” We are in a project to re-platform our e-commerce systems. The goal is for the shopping experience to be much smoother, with a little more personalization, with intelligent systems in Search, Merchandising describes the manager. ” All of this information must use product data, with very different levels of granularity. Attributes are covered for this part by PIM he resumes. And it takes a flexible PIM tool, “ to new tools like Live shopping where we are starting to distribute a stream of products he adds.

Luxury homes value the quality of information disclosed in their products

PIM is used to control product information. The brand needed more flexible tools to respond to the luxury homes it works with. “ Luxury homes are sensitive to the quality of information presented on websites underlines the Director of Digital & Marketing. ” We must be on the same level as all traditional players and pure players who are extremely advanced in the way they present their products. he insists.

The brand also wants to provide transparency – for example in beauty products – and differentiated information to add value. PIM is also used to manage the lifecycle of collections. ” We want to contextualize the content according to the life cycle of the products given that we have 2 e-commerce sites and according to the seasons. We transfer end-of-life products to the second location he finishes.

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