Switzerland – Referendum against AVS reform is a success


SwissThe referendum against AVS reform is a success

The text launched by the left against the project that aims to increase the retirement age of women from 64 to 65 years old, collected more than double the number of required signatures in less than 50 days.

Women and the left had already protested on September 18 in Bern against the AVS reform.

Susanne Keller

This is not a surprise: the people will have to decide on the reform of AVS 21. Indeed, the referendum launched by a leftist alliance has already garnered more than 100,000 signatures in less than 50 days. He collected more than double the required initials when he had until March 20 to do so, celebrates the Swiss Union (USS) in a press release on Tuesday, speaking of “massive mobilisation”.

As a reminder, approved parliament on December 15, the reform aimed at increasing the retirement age of women from 64 to 65 years. This increase in the retirement age will occur gradually, in four stages of three months each. To mitigate the effects on women’s wallets, the bill provides for a compensation scheme for those born between 1960 and 1968 – provided the reform goes into effect as planned in 2023.

Economiesuisse says yes to AVS21

Economiesuisse also positioned itself on Tuesday on AVS21, but in favor of the reform. “It is urgent to clean up the AVS if we want this social insurance to continue to be a reliable source of funding for the elderly and future generations”, estimates the economy umbrella. Which reminds us that demographic evolution and the imminent retirement of baby boomers will mistreat the 1st pillar. “The number of people reaching retirement age will be greater than ever before and promised benefits will have to be paid over a significantly longer period. And this, at a time when the relationship between active and retired people is increasingly less favorable”, he recalls.

the furious left

Furious, the alliance “Pas touche à nos rentes”, formed by unions, PS, Verdes and feminist collectives, was launched on January 4, referendum. For him, this increase in the retirement age will save up to 10 billion francs on women’s backs. These will have their pensions reduced by around 1,200 francs a year, although they already receive a third less than men. “Women are angry,” summarizes Pierre-Yves Maillard, president of the USS. “Instead of making improvements, the right is launching a direct attack against its interests,” he said.

And AVS 21 is just the beginning, according to the Alliance, which recalls that the right and the bosses are planning new attacks with retirement at 67 for all and further reductions in the LPP (2nd pillar). It is recalled that Parliament started the second part of the review of old-age pensions, namely occupational pensions. Here, too, the subject irritates the left.

Numerous initiatives presented

As a reminder, last May the Swiss Trade Union presented the initiative of a 13and AHV pension. Asks for the introduction of an additional payment of the pension to which he is entitled, such as the 13thand wage. According to the USS, this would correspond to an increase in AVS pensions of 8.33%.

The USS also wants to launch a popular initiative involve the Swiss National Bank (SNB) in financing the AVS, she announced on February 11. She sees this solution as an alternative to Parliament’s regular attacks on pensions.

We are also mobilizing on the right. A committee of right-wing politicians launched the so-called “generations” initiative in early September. The text calls for the establishment of a fair old-age pension system for all generations and for a link between retirement age and life expectancy. Another initiative on the topic was completed at the end of August.

Launched by PLR Jovem, the text “For a safe and sustainable old age pension” foresees to increase the retirement age in increments of two months up to 66 years, both for women and for men. It will then be linked to changes in life expectancy.


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