How to monetize your website

How to monetize your website to pay the fees to become a beneficiary in 2022? The news for 2022 makes you think about how to combine passion and managing your monthly budget. It is thus possible not to have a 2nd job and monetize from home with a website…

It’s important to look at the ability to monetize your site if you have a strong community, unique experience, or passion to share to engage Internet users.

So, define your goals well and follow the Kpis (key performance indicators) to increase your notoriety, visibility and consequently visitors. You will need to be patient, learning from your own challenges, staying simple in your ability to reach the Holy Grail with website monetization. It is important to capture readers on the site, but especially bringing them to the site is not necessarily easy. It is technical, even a profession.

However, here are tips and observed methods that work regardless of the technical level.

How to monetize your website in 2022?
How to monetize your website in 2022?

9 techniques to monetize your website and make money

There are several sources of income for a website or blog. The main challenge is to generate traffic on the website to monetize it:

  1. Sell ​​products with affiliate marketing : receive a commission for each sale as an intermediary;
  2. Offer to sell advertising space for ads: Google Adsense;
  3. Sell ​​ebooks or white papers;
  4. Change the storefront site to an e-commerce site automating the sale of products and services;
  5. Consult the sales funnel platforms;
  6. Drive traffic to your YouTube channel;
  7. Attract brands as an influencer;
  8. Sell ​​articles or links from your website with Netlinking;
  9. Offer the online sale of products via Amazon Partner without inventory management and shipping: Dropshipping technique.

What traffic building strategy to make your website profitable?

Use all internet services to promote your relevant content. Be the ultimate website owner with access to your unique content, domain name and website depending on the technology used.

Before generating revenue or money, generate traffic with the following acquisition channels:

  • Natural reference: find the keywords that internet users use by searching on search engines like Google. It takes time in number of months;
  • The Paid referrals or ads : with a controlled budget and a strategy of profitability between the number of clicks and the sales generated, you can attend very successfully;
  • Advertising on social networks such as Facebook;
  • Social media content from photos, shorts/stories or long videos for advice, tutorials, tips.

Remember to create business pages on your various social networks and use your community on your personal profile to boost them.

Quesako dropshipping?

It is a 3 part system where the customer (the internet user or the consumer) places an order on the distributor’s website (the dealer) through you. This is how he sends the order to the supplier (the wholesaler often abroad for cost and VAT reasons) so that he can guarantee delivery and manage stock.

However, the difficulty in mastering the information, the goods and the quality of the delivery can compromise you. Surround yourself with people and professionals in the field.

What steps should you take to go from paying web operating costs to owning your website?

What is an Affiliate Program?

This is to highlight in an article an affiliate link to the website with a tracked code to order your work, usually with a promotional code. The platforms allow advertisers and bloggers to share their work. Thus, it is easy to access the content to send. Be careful to respect the GDPR and specify in articles and posts that these are affiliated products or services.

Changing your website or blog from a showcase to a version that orders, or even offers payment, is a real project or a new challenge that requires time or reinforcement from professionals in the field.

Questions to ask for an e-commerce sales activity:

  • Which CMS technology to adopt? (open source, pure source, SaaS?)
  • What security level should I choose for my website and its data?
  • What is my budget for graphic, technical and advertising redesign?

What is a Google AdSense account?

Participation in the AdSense program is offered by Google. Like a great lord, you pay for ad impressions or clicks on Google ads displayed on your website. Indeed, getting traffic takes time and thought 🙂

Thus, Google AdSense allows publishers to earn money from their online content. With AdSense, ads are selected based on the content and visitors to your site and cookie type data. It’s the advertisers who create and pay for the ads in order to promote their products, from a sale, not the clicks generated, of course. No need to click manually or automatically with robots.

Affiliate Platforms?

They will rate the quality of your content and the traffic to your site. Affiliate platforms are simple and easy solutions to profit from online business.

In fact, they allow you, as an affiliate, to have a reward for sales made through you: brands decide the percentage of commissions.

Examples of affiliate platforms

  • Founded in 2003, Kwanko is one of the leaders in affiliate marketing in terms of depth of portfolio of brands and topics;
  • MyLead allows you to earn money while staying at home;
  • Thematic platforms: financeAds International is the Premium Affiliate Network for Banks, Insurance and Fintechs.

What statuses to monetize your blog or website?

Go from occasional to regular income

Obtaining income is a tax transparency obligation. Verified on April 7, 2022, must income from ancillary activity be declared? Yes, of course, with the help of the tax website.

So, you can start in Microenterprise because there are very few costs, then think according to the volume of business and your income for a status in the company to maybe make it your next main activity and, finally, optimize the taxation by moving to the tax about societies. In the self-entrepreneur or micro, the tax regime is the income tax. Get advice, because every situation is unique.

How to declare income earned on the internet? From what amount?

With digital technology, declarations must be made directly online on the website or on the declaration form to be presented to the public treasury. Each tax family has the obligation to fill in a declaration even if their income is very low and irregular.

If you are not self-employed, it is possible report your earnings directly on your tax form. It must indicate the income received during the calendar year, with the tax calculated on 50% of this amount for the provision of services and 71% for sales activities, with a minimum of €305.

How to declare your income with YouTube?

You can report income YouTube through an AdSense account, with a structure with SIRET, create an independent company, obtain an intra-community VAT number. You will need to respect a number of subscribers and monthly views to be eligible for monetization: 4,000 hours of viewing and 1,000 subscribers during the last 12 months.

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