Russia Threatens Elon Musk After Supporting Ukraine

“Elon, you will be held accountable as an adult – no matter how silly you play.”

The tone rose again between the Kremlin camp and Elon Musk. After a first moon sequence in which he directly provoked Putin, he has now drawn the ire of Dimitriy Rogozine. And like the CEO of SpaceX, the sulphurous director of the Russian space agency also doesn’t have his tongue in his pocket.

On Sunday, May 8, Musk posted a note on Twitter that was apparently directed to Russian media by Roscosmos. This refers to the billionaire’s recent decision to organize the delivery of Starlink terminals to Ukrainian forces (see our article).

As a reminder, it is a device that gives access to the web satellite constellation with the same name. They allow you to provide an Internet connection in remote areas and without relying on local infrastructure. This delivery therefore represented significant strategic support that was well received by Ukrainian officials.

SpaceX now considered a player in the conflict

But, as might be expected, this outstretched hand did not go unnoticed by the Kremlin. The gesture came to be interpreted as a inherently hostile maneuver. The Russian authorities therefore seem to consider that SpaceX is now an integral part of the belligerents.

In any case, this is what emerges from the English translation of Rogozin’s message. Let us remember that Roscosmos, the institution he directs, depends directly on the Kremlin. Even though the style is very different, like Musk, Rogozin is known for his boisterous statements with an often inquisitive tone. We remember, for example, his half-word threat to the fate of the ISS, and we find the same semantics in this new message.

Based on the testimonies of the captured commander of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Dmitry Kormyankov, it appears that Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite terminals were delivered to the Nazi battalion Azov and the Ukrainian Marines in Mariupol in helicopters military.
According to our information, the delivery of Starlink equipment was carried out by the Pentagon. Elon Musk is therefore involved in supplying military communication equipment to fascist forces in Ukraine. And for that, Elon, you will be held accountable as an adult – no matter how silly you are.”

happy to have met you

The message knowingly uses vocabulary used by Russian authorities since the beginning of the invasion. We note in particular the presence of the lexical field of Nazism, a political position that the Russian press continues to attribute to the Ukrainian government and fighters.

It is difficult to know whether this targeted message will have concrete consequences later on. It could be just another abstract threat; Russian officials have already made dozens of them since the invasion began. In any case, the interested party took good note of this. “If I die under mysterious circumstances, I’m glad to meet you“, he landed on his favorite platform. A touch of humor that apparently didn’t make her mother, Maye Musk, smile.

A weapons pass (probably) with no direct consequences

This hint of humor indicates that Musk doesn’t seem particularly concerned about these veiled threats. It must be admitted that, from the beginning of the invasion, the Russian authorities did not not always successful in putting actions behind words – remember that the invasion of Ukraine was supposed to be completed in just a few days. A very ambitious deadline that was hammered tirelessly by all Russian propaganda organs at the beginning of the conflict… and that today is very far from reality.

So far, Russian officials do not appear to have reacted to Musk’s response. But it is difficult to imagine that this little pass of arms through interposed declarations goes much further. The Russian General Staff certainly has more important issues to deal with at the moment; not sure the terminals delivered by a billionaire in full communication operation represent a priority, even if they have helped the Ukrainian contingent.

In the end, it’s probably a reaction to US involvement in general, more than a threat to Musk in particular. It is worth remembering that the US government would have participated directly in the delivery of Starlink terminals. An intervention that was perceived as an affront by Russian decision makers. The latter have been hammering for weeks that they consider all countries that supply equipment to Ukraine to be hostile.

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