What are the aids for the purchase of an electric vehicle?

Many devices are implemented today to encourage people to buy a rechargeable hybrid electric car. The aim is to reduce air pollution caused by the use of diesel or gasoline models. Are you about to buy a used or new electric vehicle? Find out what support you are entitled to here.

The ecological bonus

The green bonus is financial assistance given to you to reduce the cost of purchasing your electric vehicle. You are entitled to this when you buy the new electric car. The objective here is to encourage all French people to purchase these vehicles that pollute the environment less. This bonus represents 27% of the acquisition cost including taxes. The maximum limit of the ecological bonus award is 6,000 euros for individuals and 4,000 euros for companies.

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These are mainly light electric and hydrogen vehicles. If you buy a plug-in hybrid vehicle for less than €50,000, the aid amount you will receive is €1,000. But its autonomy in electric mode must be more than 50 km. As for your CO leveltwo, should be between 21 and 50 g/km. To benefit from this aid for the purchase of your electric vehicle, you must be registered in France. You must use it for at least two years after you buy or rent it.

Also, you can only sell it after driving 6,000 kilometers. You must prove that you are domiciled in France. It will not be granted to you if you are not an adult physical person. If it is a used electric vehicle, it must be registered in France in a definitive series. Must not belong to a member of the same tax family. In each case, the car must be electric or plug-in hybrid.

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The Conversion Bonus

The State also comes to the aid of individuals who wish to exchange a polluting car for a used or new electric vehicle. It gives them the green conversion bonus. To benefit from it, you must scrap your diesel or gasoline vehicle. This must meet certain conditions. If it is a petrol car, it must have been registered before 2006. Diesel vehicles that are accepted at a junkyard are those that are first registered before 2011.

In addition, its weight should not exceed 3.5 tons. The cars in question are those that were purchased more than 12 months ago and that are regularly insured. With these criteria, know that about 50% of the models that are in circulation can be scrapped.

If you are a private individual who wants to purchase an electric vehicle, know that you can benefit from a subsidy of up to 5,000 euros. If you work in low emission zones and buy a plug-in hybrid electric car, know that a bonus of 2000 euros will apply to you.

If your reference tax income exceeds 18,000 euros per unit, the ecological conversion bonus will be 2,500 euros when purchasing an electric or used car. It will be 5,000 euros for the same acquisition when the reference tax income is less than 18,000 euros. Finally, you should know that the value of the new or used electric vehicle you buy must not exceed 60,000 euros. Of course, you can benefit if you are an adult physical person.

Microcredit for low-income families

The most modest families can benefit from a microcredit to buy or rent, for example, a CNG-powered hydrogen electric vehicle. It should be noted that these households can combine this subsidy with aid for the purchase of electric vehicles, such as the ecological bonus or the conversion premium. The ceiling is set at 5,000 euros. Families can use it as part of a rental with an option to purchase a low-emission electric vehicle. This loan can be repaid within a maximum period of 5 years.

Local and departmental help

There are also local and departmental aids that you can benefit from to purchase your used or new electric car. For example, those who live in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône can receive a bonus of 5,000 euros, which can be combined with other government aid.

In the Île-de-France region, you can get up to 6,000 euros when you decide to buy one of these greener cars. If you live in Occitania, know that you can receive up to 2000 euros when you buy a used electric vehicle.

These helps to install a charging station

The electric car needs to be recharged. To save more, it is better to charge your electric vehicle at home. So you can make your home your own individual service station. For this, you can count on the many aids available for this purpose.

It should also be noted that most car manufacturers partner with those who can install charging systems in their home. The latter bear a percentage of the installation costs. You should know that the State has provided you, since 2021, with a tax credit that will allow you to finance the installation of a charging station at home.

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