GET THE TREND, the start-up that makes share shopping the new obsession of brands in terms of customer experience

In less than a year, GET THE TREND has become essential in its sector and collaborates with groups such as Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Matches, 24S, as well as independent labels. Meeting with its founder, Laura Merle.

After more than 10 years in communication, supporting fashion and jewelry brands in their offline and online strategy, Laura Merle took a closer look at customer experience challenges. From these regular exchanges with the communications directors, she was able to highlight the difficulties of brands in creating an advanced digital experience due to HR and financial issues, or even long hierarchical validation circuits, especially for large houses.

Laura Merle, founder of GET THE TREND

If COVID has accelerated the rise of digital, and that is in many uses of everyday life, then of course, in terms of e-commerce, the experience is often not at the level we can live in the store. “Customers access brands’ websites, but don’t know exactly what they want or use to search before finalizing their purchase at the point of sale”, explains Laura Merle, founder and CEO of GET THE TREND. In a digital market dominated by influencers, the colossal amounts requested by some are gradually leading brands to withdraw from this type of collaboration, even if it means losing visibility. And on the client side? “Consumers know that these partnerships are remunerated, which calls into question the authenticity of the recommendations”.

During her professional experience in China, Laura Merle followed the rise of Live Shopping, whose conversion rates between 15 and 20% turned the heads of fashion houses, accustomed to a rate of 3 to 5% on e-trade. If she likes the concept, the entrepreneur wants to adapt it to put the customer at the center of the online buying and selling process. After a year of development, Laura Merle launches GET THE TREND, the first platform to offer share shopping, a technological innovation that combines live customer-driven shopping, gamification, recommendations, all in one eshop. “Shared purchases allow customers to be active by hosting live purchases on the site and allowing their community to benefit from sponsorship links. The customer becomes a seller and is compensated accordingly. It is up to him to decide if he wants to use his kitten on the website or transfer the amounts to his bank account”, explains the business manager. If the advantage is obvious to customers, it is also obvious to brands. “Thanks to recommendations and advice, GET THE TREND allows brands to reduce their returns”, highlights the CEO.

The 5 pillars of the GET THE TREND offer: buy, share, earn and invite

With a contribution of €400,000, the company GET THE TREND is launched in 2021, first in the form of a marketplace. In September 2021, other features will be launched, such as share shopping with brands and the implementation of an internal affiliation system to monitor all customer actions and commission sellers as fairly as possible. In less than a year, many brands have chosen to trust this new concept. Among the 3,000 partner brands are Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Nike, Etam, Maisons du Monde, but also young independent brands such as Le Rouge Français and DESTREE. With these 7,000 visitors per month, the start-up, which has the dual role of market place and producer, intends to accelerate the pace. “This year, our efforts focused on the French market, but we are preparing for the internationalization of GET THE TREND from 2023 onwards.” From the start of the school year, the website will be enriched with a categorization between luxury, prêt-à-porter and designer products, before welcoming children in the last quarter of 2022. A mobile application is also planned for the beginning of next year. . An ambitious roadmap, for which the founder is preparing a second round of funding, for an amount that is still confidential.

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