Celine Dion would soon be ready to perform again

Since she gave up on continuing her tour Courage in North America and to carry out the European leg of this same tour (postponed to 2023), the rumor machine had no respite regarding Celine Dion’s health. But this time, they herald the return of the beloved star.

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Ready to run?

Recent rumors at the end of July declare her “95% cured and ready to perform again ASAP”. The information would come from @deuxmoi and the Twitter account @VitalVegas.

Still according to the same sources, it would be at Resorts World Las Vegas that Céline would return to the stage later this year. As proof, she would be carefully choosing her costumes for the occasion. At least that’s what we whispered backstage. Last July, René-Charles posted a video of the most intriguing recovery on the Tik Tok account @Celinedionfans.

Recall that in April 2022, she announced another postponement of her European tour, this time until 2023.

According to official sources, i.e. on the artist’s website, the Courage tour is expected to continue in 2023. The singer will be in Israel in May 2023, then it will continue in June and July with Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Romania, France, Italy and Switzerland. . We already know that she will be on stage at La Défense Arena in Paris, where she will perform on the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 9th and 10th of September next year.

Lots of work waiting for the shows

On the bright side, we’ve already announced that Céline will participate in the second album Goldman’s legacy, which should be published very soon. She will pay tribute to Jean-Jacques Goldman, with whom she has collaborated since 1994. Céline will be part of other great names in French music, notably Carla Bruni and Patricia Kaas, whose participation in the work has already been announced. Jean-Jacques Goldman’s accomplice for more than 25 years, said Michael Jones the voice of the north: “This is the only album on which there will be Celine Dion within two years. She agreed to do this for us.

Two movies on the way

It’s been a while since we announced Celine’s participation in the American film text for you whose title, however, became It’s all coming back to me. It stars Indian actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Scottish actor Sam Heughan. They will be joined by Celia Imrie, Russell Tovey and Céline, who will take her first steps in cinema. According to the latest news, the movie is expected to hit our screens in February 2023.

Photo: Daniel Auclair / TVA Pu

Another feature film in which Céline will appear, which was also announced in the fall, is in production. In fact, director Irene Taylor is filming a documentary about the star’s extraordinary life and extravagant career. Clearly, Celine couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. “I’ve always been an open book with my fans, and with her sensitivity and creativity, I think Irene will be able to show everyone a part of me they’ve never seen before. In the most honest way,” she said of this. On Twitter, the singer announced that she had started this project. “We are starting production on my official documentary. I look forward to working closely with @irenetb and @sonymusic on this project that is dear to me and will show the world a part of me that has never been shown — Céline» We still don’t know the title of this documentary, which is being filmed under the aegis of Sony Music Entertainment’s (SME) premium content division, in partnership with SME Canada and Vermilion Films, and I can’t wait wait and see.

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