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Are you looking for an effective solution to quickly increase your sales? The 5 steps of AARRR will help you achieve this goal. Extend this growth hacking framework.

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What is AARRR?

AARRR stands for 5 metrics: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral. This strategy brings together several digital marketing techniques used to drive the growth of a company. AARRR also aims to ensure the long-term development of your ROI.

According to growth hackers, this framework is not just a marketing strategy. These professionals qualify AARRR as a true state of mind. Several solutions contribute to the success of this strategy, including the use of automation software.

The lead generation and automation tool Kasp is extremely effective in quickly acquiring quality contacts. It also helps to create custom scenarios to attract a large number of targets before turning them into customers. This tool facilitates the lead generation processes as it is able to automatically send invitations and welcome messages on LinkedIn.

AARRR is based on the following three principles:

I. Creativity: the foundation of any growth hacking strategy

To succeed in a growth hacking strategy, you should take a fresh look at all related news.

with your industry. Create relevant content to increase click-through rate. Make sure your website is user-friendly to increase your chances of converting leads into buyers.

II. Analysis and Experimentation: Two Pillars to Focus on for a Successful Marketing Strategy

The success of a sales prospecting campaign depends on the implementation of various marketing strategies. Analyze your actions to select those that are most effective.

Its main mission is to find a solution that meets the expectations of its customers. That’s why you must constantly experiment with each new strategy to be able to propose novelties in relation to the needs of your targets.

III. Optimizing Your Content: A Crucial Step to Increasing Your ROI

This digital marketing strategy helps you improve your website visibility to generate qualified leads. The techniques of IF THE natural are effective solutions to make your publications appear on the first page of Google. The more your website is visible, the more potential customers you will attract.

What are the 5 phases of AARRR?

The main purpose of the AARRR framework is to help your business convert leads into customers and retain them. The following five metrics determine its structure:

I. Acquisition of new qualified leads

The goal of this first step of AARRR is to acquire a large number of qualified leads. It also aims to optimize the conversion rate of your prospects into customers. To better choose the distribution channels adapted to your services, you must take into account:

1 . the volume of users (which channel brings more traffic?);

two . the lead acquisition cost per channel (what are the fees for lead tools?);

3 . conversion and bounce rate (which channel can convert more leads?).

Choosing commercial prospecting channels allows you to adapt your content according to the expectations of your audiences. Choose the ones that are best suited to pitch your offers and services.

II. Enablement to measure target engagement rate

This second step of AARRR consists of implementing strategies to convert as many leads into customers as possible. The ideal is to favor retargeting actions to reach all Internet users who have visited your site.

Using the A/B testing method makes it possible to determine the maturity level of your prospects to improve your engagement rate. You can measure the latter based on the number of pages a lead visits, as well as the time they spend on your site.

III. Customer loyalty

The objective of this phase is to retain your customers. Your posts are made to get their attention. Offer promotional offers and invite them to attend special events. The growth hacking experts

We also recommend sending personalized emails to introduce your company’s new services and offers.

4. Referral by your customers

The referral or recommendation contributes to the rapid increase in your ROI. AARRR counts on the satisfaction of its customers. When they trust your business, they can bring in other new buyers. Don’t hesitate to encourage your customers to recommend your offers to their contacts.

V. Your business revenue

The objective of any commercial prospecting campaign is to win a large number of customers to increase a company’s revenue. To generate income quickly:

1 . offer promotions;

two . rework your offers;

3 . encourage your customers to opt for a higher range.

Its mission is to put in place effective strategies to improve the conversion rate of your prospects into customers.

In short

AARRR contributes to the rapid growth of your business. You can start with any step of this framework, depending on your goals. Also use an automation tool like Kaspr to reinforce your strategies to quickly increase your business ROI.

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