Digital Marketing for SMEs in 2022

There are many small entrepreneurs who have understood the importance of digital tools and have chosen to rely not only on traditional marketing but also on digital marketing.

The web offers the possibility to interact with a very large market and reach new potential customers.

In this article we will see together why Digital Marketing is important for your business, what are its advantages, the main channels and some tips to put into practice in 2022 to be successful.

Digital channels and useful tips to implement in 2021

As you know, if your business doesn’t have a website, your presence in your market is virtually non-existent.

Many theorize that the website is no longer an essential tool for companies and especially SMEs, nothing could be more false. Websites are the material that makes up the WEB, they are the “home”, the “shop window”, your “business”, Online.

Your Balance Point is not bound by the rules of other brands and markets offered to you online. Our advice, therefore, is never to underestimate the importance the website can have for your digital marketing activities.

However, the website must be responsive or optimized for mobile devices and must be well structured and therefore contain all the necessary information about the company and the products or services.

In 2021, having a website on the first page of major search engines has become almost essential for being found by customers. This is precisely why it is necessary to work on SEO or search engine optimization.

Many companies invest in SEO to beat the competition, which should not be underestimated today.

social media

Social networks are the most used channel by SMEs. Almost everyone is connected every day on social networks, which leads companies to intercept customers in the most frequented digital locations.

Social Media Marketing can only be part of your digital strategy in 2021. But be careful, it’s not enough to be on the most popular social network, you need to understand your target which platform you use the most and accordingly define a strategy and invest in advertising.


Email is a channel used by companies and although many still think that it is a channel in decline, in reality it is not, it continues to be a very useful tool for companies.

Among all digital marketing activities for SMBs, email marketing is always important to facilitate the personal relationship between the company and the customer.

So don’t exclude Email Marketing from your digital strategy.

The messages

Today, more than ever, instant messaging plays a key role in a digital strategy. Not just classic SMS, but apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram or WeChat are increasingly used by SMEs to interact with customers.

In 2020, consumers want immediate responses and dialogue with brands. What better than the cat to meet this new need?

These are the main channels, obviously when you decide to invest in Digital Marketing the first step is to define a strategy and above all the goals you want to achieve. Aiming to measure the success of your digital marketing efforts is perhaps the most relevant advice we can give you.

The objectives can be many not only to generate sales, perhaps the most common for small businesses, but in reality through digital marketing it is possible to increase traffic to the website, increase brand awareness or engagement with customers.

Looking to the future, investing in digital marketing is the best choice you can make, only then will you be able to expand your business and remain competitive in the market.

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