the fastest convertible in the world


Hennessey Special Vehicles removed the roof of its Venom F5 hypercar and added $900,000 to the price to create the Venom F5 Roadster. A $3 million ground-to-ground missile that the manufacturer says is the world’s fastest convertible…

The Texas-based company says the Roadster closely follows the specs of the model it introduced last year, including its 6.6-liter “Fury” V8 with 1,842 horsepower, as well as an impressive top speed of 483 km/h. Except this speed is only achievable with the one-piece roof panel in place.

The small weight penalty of 45kg compared to the swipe therefore doesn’t really affect the American’s crazy performance. It must be said that the total mass of the Roadster is 1,430 kg. Like the Venom F5 Coup, the Roadster is built around a bespoke carbon fiber chassis that Hennessey says needed little modification, as a convertible version was part of the original design brief. The roof, like the other body panels, is made from carbon fiber and is held in place by four quick-release screws and a pair of latches designed to withstand extreme speeds. It is lined with Alcantara and weighs only 8 kg and can be removed by one person. On the other hand, there is no place in the car to store the roof if you decide to remove it.

It remains to be seen whether the Venom F5 Roadster outperforms the aging Venom GT Spyder, which hit 260 mph at the peak of Naval Air Station Lemoore in California in 2016 to set a new speed record for convertible cars. Hennessey says he will attempt a record when “the production rate stabilizes” and with the company not starting production until the end of 2022, we’ll still have to wait to see any verifiable V-max numbers.

Another Roadster-specific feature is a tempered glass window that replaces the blowout engine cover and offers a much clearer view of the V8 hidden underneath. Loosely based on GM’s LS-series V8 pushrod, the twin-turbo engine generates a massive 1,617Nm of torque that funnels to the rear wheels via a seven-speed, single-clutch automated manual transmission. The Roadster’s rear panel features a series of cool holes in the carbon cover to allow heat to escape, as well as four aluminum vents on either side of the glass that should replicate the vents behind the front wheels.

These 14-spoke wheels are specific to the Roadster. Measuring 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the back, they are made from forged aluminum. But if that doesn’t sound exotic enough, you can skip a set of highly polished aluminum alternatives — so highly polished, Hennessey claims, that it takes weeks to finish it by hand.

Hennessey says Roadster buyers, as well as coupe owners, can choose any interior and exterior color combination, or choose to leave the F5’s carbon chassis and body panels exposed.

Keep in mind that, according to Hennessey, all 24 copies of the Venom Coup sold out shortly after its release last year, despite the car’s $2.1 million cost. The price increase to reach 3 million dollars should therefore not be a real problem for marketing the Roadster in such a small series…

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