Ice Hockey – FR Gottéron defeated in overtime in the first act


hockey on iceFR Gottéron defeated in extra time in the first act

The Dragons lost the first round of the series that pits them against Zurich in the play-off semi-finals, Friday night (2-3 ap). Revenge Sunday at the Hallenstadion. Zug, in turn, won Davos.

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Sven Andrighetto tricks Reto Berra to register Zurich 2-1.

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FR Gottéron started their first semi-final in eight years with a defeat on Friday night at the BCF Arena against Zurich (2-3). At the end of an intense match, but usually controlled by the two formations at the defensive level, it was a goal by Denis Malgin at 21’18” of extra time that allowed the ZSC Lions to steal the advantage of the ice. Sunday Act II at the Hallenstadion.

Even before the start of hostilities, this series started with a surprise as soon as the team compositions were published, with Fribourg Ludovic Waeber taking over from Czech Jakub Kovar, poorly announced after having kept the Zurich cage during the quarterfinals. final against Biel (4-3).

On the ice, it started in the fifth minute, when Denis Hollenstein managed to trick Reto Berra with a well-aimed shot after a duel won against Killian Mottet (5th 0-1). Fortunately for the Dragons, it took just 28 seconds to react to the score, through the inevitable Chris DiDomenico, in two stages (6th 1-1).

Fast. Like the pace set by the two teams in this intense and indecisive first act. Very well organized, Gottéron and Zurich didn’t get along much, apart from the penalties that the Dragons benefited from less than in the quarter-finals (6’00 unproductive in numerical superiority only during the first half of the match). It must be said that the box play of the Z does not have the same rhythm as that of the LHC.

Denis Malgin decisive

In 5 against 5, the game fell again in the Zurich field at 50 seconds of the third period, with Sven Andrighetto in the conclusion with a good serve from Denis Malgin (41st 1-2), while Denis Hollenstein got the best of Raphael Diaz to along the tape. The number 16 defender, however, “got it” minutes later when he was responsible for Friburgo’s second goal, signing Samuel Walser on a rebound (49º 2-2).

The Dragons had the victory disc at the end of the stick, benefiting from a new situation of numerical superiority five minutes from the third siren, but they were no more effective than in the first part of the match. In the end, everything was decided during extra time generally controlled by the two defenders and the two goalkeepers (what serenity for Reto Berra!). Until this goal by Denis Malgin (82nd 2-3). A success synonymous with the fifth defeat in 29 home games this season for FR Gottéron.

FR Gottéron – ZSC Lions 2-3 ap (1-1 0-0 1-1)

BCF Arena, 8934 spectators (sold out). Referees: Messrs. Piechaczek, Dipietro; Obwegeser, Cattaneo.

Goals: 5th Hollenstein 0-1, 6th DiDomenico (Schmid, Sprunger) 1-1, 41st Andrighetto (Malgin, Hollenstein) 1-2, 49th Walser (Diaz) 2-2, 82nd Malgin (Noreau) 2-3.

FR Gotteron: Berra; Gunderson, Chavaillaz; Sutter, Furrer; Diaz, Jecker; Marchon, Desharnais, Mottet; Sprunger, DiDomenico, Schmid; Rossi, Walser, Jörg; Brodin, Haussener, Bykov; bougro. Coach: Christian Dube.

ZSC Lions: Waeber; Noreau, Martí; P. Baltisberger, Geering; Weber, Kivisto; Trutman; Hollenstein, Malgin, Andrigetto; Azevedo, Krüger, Bodenmann; C. Baltisberger, Roe, Sigrist; Diem, Schäppi, Pedretti; Aeschlimann. Coach: Rikard Grönborg.

Penalties: 3×2′ against FR Gottéron; 6×2′ against ZSC Lions.

Notes: FR Gottéron without Dufner (injured), Kamerzin (sick), Rantakari, Jobin or Lauper (supernumeraries). Zurich without Morant (injured), Kovar (sick), Quenneville, Flüeler, Guebey, Riedi or Sopa (supernumeraries). 59’38 Zurich requests a time-out.

Zug’s first act

Zug won the first leg of the National League play-off semi-final at home against Davos 3-0 (0-0 1-0 2-0). It was Christian Joos (25th) who opened the scoring for the hosts, taking advantage of a double penalty from Grisons. In the last third, Dan Tangnes’ players increased the score by scoring twice thanks to Jan Kovar (50th) and Sven Senteler (60th). The second act of this half will take place on Sunday at 8 pm in Davos.

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