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Great psyche to share something double more amazing with you: the culmination of months of work for zack is finally available – we launched TheTruthSpy spyware scanner where you can see if your phone has been compromised in various spyware hacks. Dust off that IMEI and find out if you were 1337 hax0red.


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Top 3 TechCrunch

  • Move it or lose itGoogle Cloud is winding down its IoT Core service, giving customers until next year to find another partner to handle this aspect of their business. Google has its reasons, but the move isn’t pleasing some customers. Ron have more.
  • popping bottles: Robinhood competitor eToro has agreed to buy Gatsby, a fintech company that also has an eye on the Robinhood empire. Marie-Anne writes that eToro sees the Gatsby integration as a way to “provide US users with a safe and easy way to trade options and give them more flexibility to use new strategies.”
  • there is no party here: Airbnb is taking its anti-party stance more and more seriously and has introduced new technologies in the US and Canada with the aim of tracking potential rule-breakers at the time of booking, Ivan reports.

Startups and VCs

Swiss start-up Typewise is showing the power to keep it: the team behind the patented predictive text technology is now part of Y Combinator’s S22 cohort. She earned a spot on the YC (and her standard $500,000 backing) after fully focusing on the b2b market – aiming to meet the demand for productivity gains from typing in areas like customer service and sales. The pivot was fundamental, Natasha L explore in this fabulous interview that is well worth reading.

The other article that made us say “Ah?! ” It is Rebecaat Exponent Energy and your path to unlocking 15-minute fast charging for electric vehicles. The company has just raised a $13 million Series A round and is targeting commercial fleets, where the pressure to keep vehicles running is far greater than on personal cars.

More more:

  • They’ll make you famous if you give them equity: VSC Ventures adds $14 million (its fund now totals $21 million) to its storytelling and checkbook venture model, Natasha M reports.
  • moar money for web3: Moolah is flowing as CoinFund launches a new $300 million web3 fund to invest in early-stage cryptocurrencies, jacquelyn reports.
  • Like HR but automagic: Valuation of HR startup HiBob jumps 50% to $2.5 billion as it raises another $150 million, Paul reports.
  • From the funding circle to overpayments: Funding Circle co-founder unveils new fintech company Super Payments by raising $27 million for its play-like cashback loyalty program, Paul reports.
  • Big weather money bag: We love Harrisin this VC, which went from “literally zero” experience to a $100 million fund.
  • FFS Haje: All we can say is that this headline would have been dangerously upset if the company’s product had been ‘hit’ or ‘fit’ or ‘witty’ – Getting Power From Poop, with LoopReports by levidian therewho is now probably on the alert for horrible puns.

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The “pick your fighter” meme harkens back to the Mortal Kombat video game, but it’s also relevant to early-stage founders looking for an investor.

Making money is a priority for every angel, but according to Mack Kolarich, vice president of Assure Analytics, most of them “also have a second or third motivator that drives them to invest in startups.

In a TC+ guest post, he outlines several factors entrepreneurs should consider when buying investors: Are they supporting a local ecosystem? Do they do direct checks?

“With that knowledge, you can strategically choose the right partner for your business,” says Kolarich.

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Big Tech Inc.

It’s kind of a TikTok day. The social media giant has launched its mid-term US Election Center, integrated with the Today app. The company has partnered with several organizations, including the National Association of Secretaries of State, Ballotpedia, and election assistance programs, to provide information about state elections, details on how to register to vote, and who is on your ballot. Sara and tailor Also write that TikTok is learning from the 2020 election and will take a broader stance to root out disinformation.

About that tailor reports that Meta has its own plans for how Facebook will handle its election coverage, including disabling new political ads a week before the midterm elections and banning posts that provide misleading information about the voting process — for example, misrepresentation of voting qualifications.

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