WiziShop and Prestashop: which platform to choose?

For launching your online store, you should choose a reliable e-commerce solution. To help you out, here is a final comparison between the platform WiziShop and downloadable software PrestaShop.

The e-commerce solution WiziShop

Founded in 2008 by a businessman from Nice, the online platform Wizishop presents itself as the only true French choice for the giants BigCommerce, Shopifyand another Weebly.

They differ particularly in the way they remunerate e-merchants and the possibility of selling their products to others markets.

Wizishop is, in fact, intended for a large audience made up ofe-merchants beginners and more experienced e-commerce merchants. also know that Wizishop offers a 15-day free trial period, giving you plenty of time to see if the platform is right for you.

the platform Wizishop offers 3 simple offers at similar prices to other solutions.

For this, you have the possibility to choose between:

  • pattern for €27/month
  • professional in €77/month
  • Advanced at the €297/month

In all circumstances, you can ensure that your online store has hosting and a security certificate. And there are no limitations on the products you can sell there.

This e-commerce solution offers stores in one of 7 languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.

Apresentation of PrestaShop

As woocommerce, PrestaShop is an open source solution, which means anyone can change it at will. PrestaShop can be downloaded on the computer, therefore, unlike Wizishopit does not provide a complete solution.

Choose between Wizishop and Presashop
source: Packlink Pro

the platform is best suited for SMBs looking for affordable solutions with high customization potential.

Unfortunately, the platform is not a free solution. In truth, PrestaShop is available in 75 languages ​​and currencies. You can also benefit from a collaborative translation system. This will help you to perfectly customize your product sheets.

WiziShop and PrestaShop : which solution is the easiest to use?

When creating your account WiziShop complete, you will see a panel on the front where you can easily generate your products and manage your store. You also have the option to access the video training if you are unable to do so.

As for PrestaShopit’s a little difficult to use. You must get upstream hosting and have an FTP client before downloading the latest version of PrestaShop.

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Which solution offers more features?

the platform WIZISHOP :

From your dashboard, you can manage all aspects of ecommerce. Wizishop also offers two tools that users mainly appreciate: the first allows your customers to rate your products and the second allows you to generate a loyalty program. In addition, the platform allows you to sell your catalog to markets popular.

Wizishop or Prestashop
source: Wizishop

With regard to dropiziyou can find products on the main platforms of dropshipping and introduce them to your store in one click.

As for payment methods, Wizishop suggests getting paid through one of three platforms, Stripe, PayPaland Amazon Pay.

Thus, it gives access to more than 30 other payment gateways.

The downloadable software PRESTASHOP :

Thanks to PrestaShopyou can create an online store as you wish. Hundreds of resources and themes and modules are at your disposal. Build your business freely and manage your products and services efficiently.

Comparison between Wizishop and Prestashop
source: webromand.ch

If you want to sell in a physical store, the platform provides a module “Point of Sale System” that must be linked to a third-party POS terminal.

To do dropshipping with PrestaShopyou have to pay almost 250 euros to get a module that allows it. That is why it is not advisable to delve deeper dropshipping with this solution.

PrestaShop natively integrates three payment methods (online, check, bank transfer)allowing you to pay in any currency.

In short, choose between Wizishop and PrestaShopis choosing between two ways of thinking about your online store. if you choose WiziShopyou will enjoy a very easy tool at the use where each feature is natively present. But with PrestaShopyou can create and shape your e-commerce according to your needs. Whichever you choose, know that both solutions are reliable and will be a good choice.

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