New health measures – Bars and clubs prepare to ward off the unvaccinated or uncured


new health measuresBars and clubs prepare to ward off the unvaccinated or uncured

Night circles say they are faced with a lack of choice because imposing the mask and sitting consumption would be equivalent to having to close, for lack of customers. On the other hand, the “2G rule” seems difficult to apply for concerts. reactions.

“On will not seat customers in a nightclub or force them to consume would be absurd. For failed to close, may as well open applying the 2G rule”, reacts Igor Blaska, co-director of MAD in Lausanne. According to new measures announced on Friday by the Federal Council, public establishments may, as of Monday, be exempt from the obligation to wear a mask or to consume while sitting, provided that they limit access only to vaccinated or cured customers, that is, the 2G rule (from the German “geimpft oder genesen”, vaccinated or cured).

If the Lausanne nightclub says it is ready to return some of its customers to the entrance, Igor Blaska recognizes that this is not the best solution. “VSIt’s like choosing between plague and cholerahe slips. The problem is that even those who start vaccinating themselves now will not be able to Dcome before 5-6 weeks as this is the minimum time to take the second dose.»

Visible data

To be able to apply the 2G rule, the Covid certificate verification app will have to be adapted, the Federal Council said on Friday. But until December 13, operators of establishments or event organizers will have to manually verify that people are vaccinated or cured by consulting their customers’ personal data.

The umbrella organization GastroSuisse is pleased with the implementation of this new measure. Because the obligation for customers to remain in their chairs “would in fact mean for restaurants, bars and clubs, an economic closure of nightlife”. In a press release, GastroSuisse asks the Confederation, however, to extend the simplified procedure for compensation in the event of a reduction in working hours.

On the side of the Lausanne collective #Quivapayerl’addition, we also demand compensation. Because the percentage of unvaccinated or uncured customers is estimated at 30%, which will lead to considerable losses for the establishments in question. In a note, he asks the Confederation to “reactivate cases of shortages and annualize federal ceilings that were not foreseen for such a long crisis”, to compensate a little for this deficit.

“Why deprive yourself of tested clients?”

On the other hand, cracking down on the unvaccinated or uncured seems “inapplicable” in the midst of the show. “We will enforce the obligation to wear a mask for everyone. We want to offer every customer the possibility to go to the cinema”, says Jolanda Schönenberger, from Pathé Swiss cinemas. The same story at Live Music Production: “We cannot do without the tested clientele, confides its director, Michael Drieberg. Especially since it’s a strange message from the Confederacy, knowing that we’re also talking about reintroduce free screening tests… So why would we deprive ourselves of this audience?”

In the list of new measures, the programmer of cultural events also deplores the yo-yo effect in relation to quarantines. “On Thursday, we had to cancel a 6,000-person show at the Arena in Geneva because the artists, coming from England, didn’t have time to self-quarantine. And today, we take the measure. You have to know. We can’t go on like this for long, with this back and forth,” insists Michael Drieberg.

Particularities of Geneva

Geneva having tightened its measures last Monday, some of the decisions announced this Friday, by the Federal Council, will not be able to apply, the rule that if a canton goes beyond the Confederation, it is its health plan that will apply. . Thus, bars and restaurants in Geneva will not have to choose whether to return their unvaccinated or uncured customers, because the obligation to consume while sitting down and wear a mask is part of the measures adopted by the canton. On the other hand, clubs may consider it, but fear the consequences. “It will be a shock to nightlife because many young people are not vaccinated,” worries Jean-Marc Humberset, head of the Moulin Rouge and Point Bar Club. “About 20% of our customers use testing before they come. This change will therefore weigh on turnover.”


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