April Fools’ Day – A house that grows on its own, a police pig and an ecological lockdown


April firstA house that grows by itself, a police pig and ecological confinement

Many media and institutions in French-speaking Switzerland lent themselves to the traditional April 1 game. “20 minutes” also arrested him. Small anthology of the best jokes of the 2022 vintage.

Everyone went to their April Fools this morning.

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A cathedral with vegetation to combat the heat islands in the city of Geneva. This is the “proposal” of the Geneva Territory Department to develop a greener city, announces the Geneva Tribune this morning. Starting in spring 2023, the roofs of the Saint-Pierre Cathedral will be covered with greenery and solar panels to combat global warming. “Here’s a beautiful example that unites the useful with the daring!”, according to Antonio Hodgers, state councilor in charge of the department. The newspaper specifies that the ambitious project was very well received by the Protestant Church of Geneva!

On his side, Arcinfo announces a small revolution in the sport of Neuchâtel. The presidents of Neuchâtel Xamax and HC La Chaux-de-Fonds are working on the merger of the two clubs. Objective: Create synergy and pool activities that are currently performed twice. Like Paris Saint-Germain or FC Barcelona! “The whole canton, both from above and below, can be identified with a single club”, says Olivier Calame, president of HC La Chaux-de-Fonds. The new structure already has a name: H-Max, H for HC La Chaux-de-Fonds and for “high”, Max for Max Abegglen whose nickname “Xam” is the origin of Xamax.

NATO for the rescue of the Bernese Jura and ecological confinement

Surrounded by eight municipalities that swear allegiance to the canton of Bern, the Bernese municipality of Belprahon appeals to NATO to protect its territory and reassure its population, we learned The mail. Because from 2026, neighboring Moutier will be in the hands of Jura, leaving the irreducible Belprahon alone against Bernese. That is why the municipality officially requests its accession to the North Atlantic Treaty. Contacted by Le Courrier, NATO claims to have “other fish to fry with Ukraine”.

The Confederation, for its part, is considering power breaks, once or several times a year, to achieve carbon neutrality goals before 2050. some. by a danger we know will be fatal.” This is the opinion of Aline Stopper, a climatologist from Neuchâtel hired in January by the Confederation as a scientific consultant. She presented an iconoclastic proposal there: take one or more annual “energy breaks” or “green lockdowns” to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. After all, you were few enough to dig up this April Fools joke in your favorite newspaper!

Mandatory weekly fondue in the canteen

the yellow and the Post Office is gone! What was once called “the yellow giant” has completely changed its visual identity by turning green. Swiss Post’s effort to achieve its ambitious sustainability goals is ending a 100-year marriage. “The fact that the Swiss Post is focused on sustainability is nothing new. What is new is that it must be seen at first glance,” the now green giant wrote in a press release.

La Poste's future is written in green.

La Poste’s future is written in green.

Credit: Swiss Post

The Vaudoise Alliance, formed by the candidates PLR, UDC and Le Center for the election to the Council of State of the canton of Vaud, makes a strong proposal to try to convince voters before the second round of April 10: the right wants to introduce a fondue mandatory weekly in Vaud school canteens. Because after all: “Fondue is terroir. Fondue is cohesion. Fondue is sharing. Fondue is tradition”, explains Aliança, which sees in this dish all the values ​​it defends!

A police pig and a house that grows on its own

A little dust and water: that’s all a researcher needs. EPFL to build a house! Frieda, holder of two doctorates, took multidisciplinarity within the polytechnic school to its climax. By bringing together knowledge of mycology, genomics and architecture, the researcher in sustainable construction techniques managed to grow a species of mushroom that takes the form of a hollow block. The first prototype is 32m² and “grows” in about two months. Another great advantage of this “skeleton”: it consumes a large amount of atmospheric CO₂, which makes it a true carbon sink.

Finally, the Geneva police introduce us to their new potential recruit: Betty the sow! The animal is expected to join the ranks of law enforcement in the fall. New Zealand’s long-haired Kunekune has already proven its worth to Colonel Monica Bonfanti, Police Commander. She also sent an advisor to Bioparc in Geneva, where Betty resides, “to rigorously assess the real possibilities of hiring Betty within the Geneva police”. A recruiting session that was filmed:

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