2022 Olympics – Figure Skating: Pressure got the better of Valieva, another Russian pocketed the gold


Olympic Games 2022Figure skating: Pressure got the better of Valieva, another Russian with pockets of gold

The last individual event of these Olympic Games ended with a big surprise. Kamila Valieva finished fourth overall.

Kamila Valieva’s disappointment at the end of her long show.

The Women’s Long Program (February 17)

One of Kamila’s waterfalls.

Pressure got the better of Kamila Valieva after a week in the spotlight over suspected doping. She crashed twice during her long program and ranks fourth. She thus yields first place in the general classification to Anna Scherbakova (RUS). Alexandra Trusova (RUS) and Kaori Sakamoto (JPN) finished second and third.

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Anna Scherbakova finishes second.


Alexandra Trusova, third in the final classification (RUS).

Alexandra Trusova, third in the final classification (RUS).

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Kamila Valieva passed out at the end of her long program.  She finished fourth overall.

Kamila Valieva passed out at the end of her long program. She finished fourth overall.


Anna Scherbakova presented an impeccable program, but technically less ambitious than her compatriots Alexandra Trusova and Kamila Valieva. Artistically, she was way above everyone else in this free program event. She won the competition with 255.95 points.

Scherbakova’s grace won over the judges.

Alexandra Trusova, also called “Russian rocket”, proposed a very ambitious technical program with five quadruple jumps. She receives a total of 251.73 points.

Alexandra Trusova also called it “Russian Rocket”.

Due to the absence of Kamila Valieva on the podium, the delivery of medals can take place without any problems. The three skaters thus received their medals a few minutes after the end of the competition.

Swiss Alexia Paganini is no better than in Pyeongchang in 2018, where she finished 21st. In the final classification of these Games, Alexia is in the 22nd position with a total of 168.91 points. Her long program has fallen short of what she is capable of, both technically and artistically. His first triple-triple combination just turned into a double lutz.

Alexia Paganini’s first triple-triple combination turned into a double jump.

The Women’s Short Program (February 15)

Kamila Valieva (RUS) was finally allowed to participate in the individual competition. Last week, she was suspended for a positive result in a doping control dated last December.

Kamila Valieva was highly anticipated for this individual competition. The teenager has still managed to deal with the pressure that has surrounded her for a week. With a program marked by a triple axis failure, she takes first place in the rankings after the short program with 82.16 points. This Monday, after the decision of the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport), the teenager confided in tears that he was “emotionally tired” on Russian television Perviy Kanal.

Kamila Valieva’s error on the triple axis.

Although she appeared to shed a few tears as she came off the ice, the teenager negotiated the first game of the most important competition of her young career well.

Valieva’s emotion after her short show

Russian skater Anna Sherbakova and Japanese skater Kaori Sakamoto took second and third place respectively. Both skaters delivered clean programs without trying a triple axis. Anna Sherbakova receives 80.20 points and Kaori Sakamoto 79.84 points.

In Spanish rhythms, Alexia Paganini delivered a program without a fall, but with several jumps that did not go completely backwards. With a total of 61.06 points, she qualified for the long program, but finished in a disappointing 19th place at the end of the short program.

See you Thursday at 11 am for the women’s long program.

The Men’s Long Program (February 10)

Nathan Chen is the men’s Olympic champion. He finished with a total score of 332.60 points for the short and long program. His performance in “Rocket Man” wowed the judges artistically. He got top marks several times for his performance in the song.

Yuzuru Hanyu is the first man to attempt the feat with a quad axle at the Olympics.

Yuzuru Hanyu tried a quad axis as the first jump of his program. Unfortunately, he fell for the latter. This is the first time a man has performed a quadruple axis at the Olympics. Presumably still worried about his fall on this figure, the Japanese skater also fell on the next jump, a quadruple salchow. The rest of his program went well. Yuzuru finished fourth overall with a total of 283.21 points.

Schaffhausen Lukas Britschgi won a place at the end of the free program. In the overall ranking, he is in the 23rd position with a total for the short and long programs of 212.58 points. Many technical errors did not allow him to climb higher.

The Men’s Short Program (February 8)

Nathan Chen (USA) took first place with a score of 113.97 after the men’s short program. This result constitutes his points record for the 2021/2022 season in a short program. His performance in Charles Aznavour’s “La Bohème” convinced the judges both technically and artistically. The podium is currently completed by the Japanese Yuma Kagiyami and Uno Shoma. However, nothing is final. The final ranking will be known after the long program this Thursday, February 10th.

Nathan Chen (USA) is the first after the short program.  (AFP)

Nathan Chen (USA) is the first after the short program. (AFP)


The surprise is the absence of Yuzuru Hanyu on the podium at the end of the short program. The Japanese is in 8th position with 95.15 points. In fact, he failed to fire his first quadruple salchow, which turned into a single salchow. This was shot down by the judges. In fact, during the short program at this level, single jumps are not allowed.

Lukas Britschgi’s mistake in the triple lutz.

Schaffhausener Lukas Britschgi is in 24th position with 76.16 points after the short program. The skater had a performance marked by some technical errors, such as a reversal in the triple lutz. Thus, he narrowly qualifies for the long program.

In December, Kamila Valieva won the Russian championship. She is a big favorite among the women for the individual event.

Figure Skating Judgment: the rating system points code» was introduced in the 2004/2005 season at senior level. It consists of two parts. The first technique and the second artistic. For the technical part, each element has a base value. Judges’ Award “GoE”, (Grade of Execution) ranging from +5 to -5. To reward certain skaters for taking risk, the value of jumps placed in the second part of the program is multiplied by 1.1. For the artistic part, the judges assign five marks ranging from 0.25 to 10 points according to the following criteria: skating skill, transitions, quality of execution, choreography and interpretation.

Five facts about figure skating.

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