opinion | Start-up: how to support hypergrowth?

When a start-up becomes scale-up, it can be difficult to find the right balance in this race for growth. First in terms of investment, as it is essential to quickly develop a go-to-market plan to ensure sales, but also essential to strengthen all engineering, support and service functions to continue to provide the best experience and the best possible offer to customers. customers .

At the same time, corporate culture and organizational structure are elements that entrepreneurs should keep in mind, as it is essential that the entity maintains a strong culture and a basis for sustainable development, especially when the entrepreneurial adventure becomes international.

keep the culture

From a practical point of view, the first challenge is communication. First, because of time zones, as it is complicated for a company that operates on several continents to align visions and bring all the teams together in videoconferences. But also because of the language barrier, because even when the company chooses to hire only English-speaking employees, disparities in levels of understanding and expression persist.

In my experience, the creation of rotating internal communication schedules, thus avoiding the ‘isolation’ of certain teams, makes it possible to respond to this challenge. Understanding cultural differences and being able to create consistency between management and employees, but also between different teams and regions, is essential.

This may involve establishing highlights, at an international and local level, including both global meetings and local moments of exchange and conviviality. Because while every leader has a mad rush to support the company’s growth, finding time for your employees is imperative if you want to maintain a strong corporate culture. This is what will allow, in the long term, to attract and retain talent, to ensure collective success.

Understand local issues

Local enterprise management teams can take many forms. While it is possible, and sometimes even mandatory, to integrate General Managers with full responsibility for the local entity, it can sometimes be more interesting for certain types of companies to turn to GTM sales leaders (Go To Market Sales Leaders) with an entrepreneurial spirit to manage the local marketing. Your role is to understand local issues to focus on market entry opportunities, while establishing a proper GTM strategy to rapidly increase sales and secure customer relationships.

Choosing the right profile for your Sales Leaders is essential to creating positive tension that is beneficial to the company. Because if the strategic impetus is instilled by the matrix, it is healthy for it to be confronted with a certain ‘tension’ and for it to be questioned by local senior management, who are better acquainted with local issues in the markets for which they are responsible. This is what will find the right balance to achieve strategic goals. But positive tension can only simulate a relationship of trust between experienced leaders able to deftly navigate between global and local imperatives.

Strengthen your ecosystem

Proactively identifying growth drivers, such as growing existing customers, creating new use cases, helps to strengthen and sustain growth. But even if the company is growing and recruiting quickly, it’s difficult to grow so quickly without a solid ecosystem. Technology partners and channel partners play a key role in supporting this growth.

Developing your business is not a solitary adventure, it involves strategic partnerships when two entities with common values ​​and ambitions come together. And this can take many forms, such as entering new vertical markets, implementing new ways of packaging or marketing a product, or developing new services and offerings.

Being able to combine rapid growth, a strong corporate culture and the search for profitability therefore requires several approaches. The main challenge is to bring all employees together around a common long-term vision and clear objectives, while ensuring that the efforts made by management and employees translate into success. proven commercial instead of staying, just beautiful ideas, certainly exciting, but not sustainable. An incremental approach is therefore essential to grow quickly and healthily.

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