the first Renault Mégane electric taxi in France?

With less than 25 years old, Yoann Gaudence did not choose a Renault Mégane by chance for his taxi business in Vienne. A fan of the brand, Alpine and Formula 1, he fell in love with this car, especially in red. On the other hand, the switch to electric is more surprising when he initially thought about buying a diesel model. Portrait.

Megane EV60 Super Charge

Displayed from 43,200 euros (bonus not deducted and excluding options) on August 9, 2022 on the Losange website, the model chosen by Yoann Gaudence is presented under the exact developed name of “ Renault Megane e-Tech EV60 220 hp Super Charge Techno “.

This already means that your electric car has the lithium-ion battery available today with the highest energy capacity for this model. Its usable 60 kWh, against 40 kWh for the entry-level, allows the manufacturer to communicate over a range of 450 km on the WLTP mixed cycle.

This model is also the most powerful, with a wound-rotor synchronous motor that develops not 96 kW or 130 hp, but 160 kW (220 hp), for a maximum torque of 300 Nm. super load indicates that, in a fast terminal, the charging power on paper can reach up to 130 kW of power. But also that the machine received a 7.4 kW AC charger, unlike the Optimum Charge version mounted with a 22 kW device.

The Techno finish is mid-range. It features, among other things, 20-inch alloy wheels, chrome-finished windows and darkened and LED taillights. The metallic flame red paint is an 850 euro option.

From the STMG ferry to the taxi seat

At nearly 25, Yoann Gaudence has been a taxi driver for less than a year. Perhaps he is the first in his profession to choose an electric Renault Mégane. If not, he would probably be the youngest.

In addition to the fully autonomous models that are being used more or less experimentally, are there any Renault Zoé taxis in France? What about Electric Kangoos? I’m not sure. Our interlocutor could be among the first to offer racing in an electric Renault with a lithium-ion package.

Renault Megane electric taxi

Before becoming a taxi driver, I navigated left and right. In any case, you must be at least 21 years old to practice this profession. My STMG baccalaureate was aimed more at human resources. I spent time in college “, he comments.

I am the son and grandson of a truck driver. Which certainly explains why I love road jobs. I felt it when I became an ambulance assistant. I talked a lot with the taxi drivers. So I passed the specific permission “, he completes.

A very well made French car

It is not with an electric vehicle that Yoann Gaudence began to practice his profession. ” I started with a Peugeot 508 130 horsepower diesel which I left quite disappointed. In electric, I had only tried, to find, an e-208, not compatible in France with the taxi business. Previously, for my personal travels, I had a red Megane which I very much regretted. “, compares.

Renault Megane electric taxi

I kept in touch with the Renault salesperson. He invited me to meet the new generation of this model. I found her very beautiful. And when I saw it in red, I fell in love. At first I thought about getting it diesel, but it was electric. I asked if she could agree to the taxi activity. And signed a copy I got a few days ago “, he reports.

I wanted to drive in a very well made French car. And then fuel prices are very high. It is also partly thanks to Automobile Propre and all the advice given in the articles that I was able to switch to the electric car. “, he adds.

Full of energy at Tesla

The taxi business is very diverse. In the city, it is possible to do many small tasks during the day without adding a lot of daily mileage. I work in the field. I regularly accompany people here to take them from home to the hospital or to go shopping. I also pick up travelers at the station to drop them off at the hotel. I usually take the children to a care center every day of the week at the same time “, details Yoann Gaudence.

And then I have last minute transport, sometimes with long trips. Since I started, my farthest trip has totaled 550 km, to drop one person north of the Paris region. With large amplitudes, I put my daily average in a range of 350-450 km “, calculates.

I charge the car at home every night from a 7 kW wall box. I’ve experienced sudden stress when taking care of a last-minute customer when I only had 15% battery power left. But I am lucky to be able to count close to my house in a Tesla station, recently opened in Châtellerault with 16 stelae. I recover 40% capacity in 20 minutes “, he testifies.

The coffee offered to customers during possible refills

Many taxi drivers are apprehensive about electricity. And yet, charging is so fast and the operation of the terminals is intuitive. I have as much passion for technology as I am for cars and I love my job as a taxi. “, pleads Yoann Gaudence.

Renault Megane electric taxi

I talk a lot with other drivers. For some, a car like mine is a no-no. First by invoking a bad reputation for the Renaults. And then because it’s electric. But others reflect, remembering the refueling of 120 euros of diesel to be done every 2-3 days, when I spend between 9 and 12 euros to travel 400 km “, he objects.

There are terminals now everywhere on my travels, and I reach a consumption of 13.5-14 kWh/100 km. When I stop for 15-20 minutes to recharge while I run, I offer coffee to my customers. They appreciate that attention. Anyway, even with a diesel car I stopped so often to stretch my legs and rest my eyes “, ensures.

A car that challenges

Outwardly, the new Mégane challenges and people turn around. Red color attracts. There is also the new logo. The other taxis and paramedics are curious and want to find the car. Noticing the big screen, one of my clients was amazed. He thought he was in a Tesla and that Renault was not able to offer such equipment with Internet access. “, underlines Yoann Gaudence.

From the outside, the Mégane can look a little too compact, even small. This is no longer the case when people board. They think the space available is generous. With its 440 liters, the trunk can be a little tight, but it can fit 3 large suitcases. “, he continues.

It’s a good car. Passengers can easily sit in it, including elderly people I transport for medical reasons, because the seats are at the right height. It is much better than with the Peugeot 508 and the comfort is much better. When they realize it’s an electric car, they’re very surprised. “, he was almost amused.

what positive?

In general, customers like young and modern taxis. Having really enjoyed the trip on the Mégane, a woman in her sixties told me that her next car would be electric. I am often asked the same questions: Why are there no gears to change? Why is the car silent? How do you recharge? », reveals Yoann Gaudence.

Today, I see only positive things about using the electric Mégane for my taxi business. Maybe I have negative points to go up after a long period of use he reflects.

Oh yeah, the search for charging points isn’t good enough. If I ask for fast terminals, for example, I won’t just find Ionity or Tesla stations. I will also have them installed in the parking lots of Lidl or Ikea stores. They are much less interesting to me and I would like to have the possibility of not receiving them in the selection returned by the application “, He waits.

Renault Megane electric taxi

It’s vacation time for our interlocutor. He will discover even more his electric Renault Mégane on long personal journeys. Going particularly to the Basque Country and the Paris region. This will serve you in your return to your professional activity.

Automobile Propre and I would like to thank Yoann Gaudence very much for her responsiveness, her availability, her friendliness and the time she has given us. We wish her a happy holiday and that she continues to live her taxi activity in an electric car.

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