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CamSeed is a Cambodian start-up that aims to promote the culture of paid internships. A win-win scheme where entrepreneurs and students find their account.

Gaining professional experience is essential for students. Internships at the company are an invaluable opportunity to put their school knowledge into practice and be confronted with the reality of the company.

It is also an opportunity for companies to discover young talents, train them in their internal procedures. It’s not uncommon for a successful internship to lead to a job.

However, this practice is not yet developed.

That’s why a young Cambodian shootout was created. CamSEED set the ambition to promote the culture of paid internships in Cambodia. A privileged interlocutor for interns and companies, it offers students registered on its platform access to numerous internship opportunities, while presenting companies with candidate profiles that may correspond to them.

Le petitjournal.com went to meet CamSeed. Yanis Cena answered our questions.

Where did the idea for CamSEED come from?

CamSEED was created based on another project, CamPeak, launched in April 2021 and which aimed to share extracurricular activities with students to allow them to discover what they liked and develop skills, get out of their comfort zone in a different environment.

This project brought up another problem: the students’ lack of professional experience, which led to the creation of CamSEED.

CamSEED has been connecting students with companies for paid internships for over a year.

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Can you describe how the platform works?

Its operation is very simple and service is free throughout the process for students. All they need to do is access the site and fill in a questionnaire so that we can learn more about them, their motivations, their profiles, their desires. They then appear in our database.

For businesses, it’s that simple. They can make an appointment with one of the team members, which will allow us to know your needs and your intern search criteria.

When we have students who meet these needs, we put them in touch for an interview.

What are the targeted sectors of activity?

There are no specific sectors of activity targeted: in almost all sectors, there are trainees looking for traineeships and companies looking for trainees.

On the other hand, it is true that as CamSEED is still recent, we have not yet been able to explore all sectors. Most of our customers are in banking, commerce, education, sales.

There are also different types of organizations: NGOs, international or Cambodian groups or even start-ups and SMEs.

Which students use your services the most?

It’s the same for students, we don’t have specific criteria for their studies. But since most of the offers we receive are for “office” tasks: marketing, communication, web developer, accounting or even sales, this limits us to certain universities. At the moment, the vast majority of our students come or do internships in Phnom Penh, but we are starting to develop in other cities like Siem Reap.


What is the average compensation offered by companies listed on CamSEED? Is there a minimum wage?

The remuneration of an intern depends on several criteria (student’s level of diploma, sector of studies, level of English and also their involvement in number of hours (part-time or full-time).

A minimum wage is required for the student to have work experience and support themselves, which starts at $80 per month for a part-time internship. Salaries usually range between $100 and $300 a month.

What are your first results?

The first results are really positive, we are happy to see that the different actors in Cambodia are receptive to this initiative.

On April 25th, we launched the “The 1000 Internships” campaign. The aim of this 1-year campaign is to ask the private sector and civil society organizations to commit to opening up paid internship opportunities within them in the next year to reach the number of 1,000 by April 2023.

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In 3 months, 57 companies, NGOs, startups committed to create 253 paid opportunities. These are really positive results and we are very happy with them.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the actors who trusted us in the search for interns and also all those who committed to the 1000 Internships campaign. This campaign is just getting started and there are still 9 months left for many companies in Cambodia to commit to promoting equal access to the work experience for students.

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