Synalia facing the challenges of digital transformation

The cooperative jewelery and watchmaking group Synalia has fully assessed the need for a digital and omnichannel transformation of its brands Julien d’Orcel, Guilde des Orfèvres and Montres & Co.

Created in 2002, the Synalia cooperative oversees several specialist brands, including Julien d’Orcel, La Guilde des Orfèvres and also Montres & Co. These three national brands alone, with complementary positions, represent 230 points of sale (35 in kiosk format in downtown stores, in addition to the website, for Montres & Co., in the affordable watches segment, 157 in the city center and shopping center for Julien d’Orcel, focused on the offer of affordable jewellery, and 38 for the Guild of Goldsmiths that represents the precious offer, gold and diamonds) in the 390 points of sale of the first French group of watchmakers.

While many stores have returned to the pre-crisis level (especially the downtown outlets that are performing very well in the jewelry sector), the cooperative has realized, since the first lockdown in 2020, the need to implement a digital transformation project. (CRM, website renovation) and consolidate it through the implementation of an omnichannel strategy using a common tool. Of course, independent member companies had to play a central role in the system. After numerous discussions with the network’s stakeholders, Synalia was able to create the “unified commerce charter” that stipulates the commission rates for the remuneration of associates within the framework of establishing a global website.

A website designed as a business contributor to the store

The implementation of this tool was led by OneStock, which since 2015 has consolidated itself as a leader in the Order Management System in Europe. This company founded by Romulus Grigoras and based in Toulouse, supports more than 70 retailers in the world of luxury (LVMH), fashion (Figaret, Ba&sh), beauty, DIY or toys, offers a suite of unified inventory and order management software , but also solutions for developing a robust online and in-store shopping experience, taking into account a multitude of scenarios.

For all three brands, the publisher has configured Click and Collect and Click and Collect Express 2H, corresponding to one-click and take-out directly from store stock. “For the Montres and Co network, the implementation of an omnichannel strategy has several objectives. On the one hand, increase in-store traffic and, on the other hand, generate more revenue and have better stock rotation,” said Cédric de Bretagne, founder of Montres and Co, Director of Brand and E-trade at Synalia.

“The implementation of the Click and Collect Express 2h has been an asset for the brand to improve the profitability of the stores, making the most of all stocks but also to optimize the experience and customer satisfaction” says Stéphane Ponge, President of Julien d’ Orcel. All of this always putting stores at the center of the purchase journey. We now want to continue implementing our omnichannel strategy by deploying Click and Collect Express in 2 hours in our 165 stores in France to take advantage of the territorial network. We also want to test other unified commerce scenarios such as e-reservation, Order in Store and Ship from Store to increase product turnover at point of sale and margin collected directly in store.”

In addition to the technical aspect, the cooperative has ensured that each brand and each employee considers the site as an ally and no longer as a competitor. In this system, stores play a role in their own right, as they are at the center of the customer’s purchase journey. “It was essential to unite this network of freelancers around a fair omnichannel compensation plan”, explains Stéphane Ponge. Thus, a financial incentive was established for the stores on the margin generated in the unified commerce sales. Thus, either through Click and

Collect, from Click an Collect Express, the store involved in selling the product receives between 20 and 80 percent of the product’s turnover excluding tax. This also allows you to enrich your customer base. This redistribution of part of the margin to Associates is directly linked to the values ​​of the cooperative that aggregates resources for the benefit of all and in an equitable manner. The website then fully plays its role of bringing business to the store thanks to unified commerce. “.

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