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Thanks to a partnership between Citroën and Automobile Propre, Olivier was able to test the New C5 X Plug-in Hybrid for 15 days. Was he seduced by the brand new flagship chevron? Sensations, consumption, equipment, comfort… here’s your verdict!

Happy with the idea of ​​driving “a beautiful car the way you like it” and curious, too, to experience the plug-in hybrid in his daily life, Olivier admits to having been won over by these two weeks spent behind the wheel of the New Citroën C5 X Plug-in Hybrid.

“I am usually seduced by this great Citroën, which I appreciate as much for its status and status line as for its high-level comfort associated with efficient suspensions, excellent soundproofing and the smoothness of its plug-in hybrid engine”, he confides to us.

A very techno Citroën

“I also really liked the technological side of this Citroën, such as its large touchscreen on the dashboard and its large-format head-up display, well aligned with the eyes, very readable and which clearly displays the various indications of the navigation system ,” he adds. “I loved the 360-degree view camera that makes maneuvering easy and found the adaptive cruise control with lane-keeping (Highway Driver Assist editor’s note) very comforting and relaxing on the road, especially when there’s not a lot of traffic. ”

As for the rear traffic alert system that detects approaching dangers (cars, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians, etc.) in reverse, Olivier admits that he didn’t have the opportunity to test it. In a way, that’s good, it proves he didn’t put himself in danger!

A real consumption of 2.3 l/100 km

Realizing that the New C5 X Plug-in Hybrid was perfectly suited to his use of a car, Olivier also admits to having achieved “serious savings” in fuel during his test drive.

In fifteen days I did a total of 1490 km, including around 350 km in Hybrid mode for some business trips, and I only consumed an average of 2.3 liters / 100 km unleaded! it encrypts. “Being able to recharge at home at night and at my workplace during the day was a big plus as I was able to drive my 100km a day in all-electric mode without having to worry about range (55km on the WLTP cycle). All this makes me say that driving with a big combustion engine today is heresy. ! he concludes.

“We honestly don’t want to go back to thermals! »

Olivier, (52), director of logistics, Rennes (35)

“Aside from its very eye-catching, eye-catching line, the main strength of this C5 X Plug-in Hybrid is clearly its comfort. My daughters loved it too! Due to its beautiful space on board, its silent operation, the smoothness of its suspensions and its ultra-comfortable driving position, slightly elevated to dominate the road, there is a real feeling of well-being that emerges on board this Citroën. .

In addition, the approval of its mechanics and its automatic transmission make it very zen and encourage more to drive quietly, while flexibly rather than energetically. During those two weeks, I only used Electric and Hybrid modes, seeing little sense in Sport mode, except maybe having all the power to overtake faster. Practical, easy to handle, smooth to drive and allowing you to drive stress-free, this C5 X is also a very versatile car for everyday use, even if its size (4.81 m long editor’s note) requires you to find adequate parking spaces.

Another strong point, the benefit brought by its plug-in hybrid engine in terms of fuel economy is huge! Especially when, like me, you have the possibility to recharge the battery as often as possible to drive almost exclusively in electric mode. As I recharged twice a day, I had no problems covering my daily 90 kilometers.

In short, I think this Citroën C5 X Plug-in Hybrid is a real success. Once you get used to it and forget about the pain of refueling every week, you honestly don’t want to go back to thermals! »

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