Electric car, the big comeback of the sport (yes, yes)!

Did you think the advent of electric power marked the end of sports cars? So do we. Well, no, actually, and that’s good news.

While all the manufacturers that roll out their electric ranges seem to be moving towards an offering consisting essentially of SUVs, SUVs and other SUVs (when not SUVs), we were the first to think that electromobility would be the death knell. . Knowing, on the one hand, that an ordinary American compact sedan does better than a Porsche 911 in acceleration and pick-up, and that, on the other hand, the times are of environmental sobriety and functional vehicles, it seemed logical and inexorable that sportswomen be the first collateral victims of this great zero-emission movement. A reasoning that also took into account a fundamental element in terms of sportiness, weight and its corollary, size.

It seems that we (I) got it wrong, and that’s good news. In fact, driving pleasure may not disappear with electromobility. On the contrary, it could find new youth, as sporty coupe designs finally seem to be jostling for a few months in manufacturers’ design offices.

The opportunity to make a little observation about present forces and planned launches over the next few years, say between 2025 and 2030, is a little too broad.

But first of all, it is necessary to agree with the very notion of a sports car. In spirit, it is not a “sports” sedan (Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model 3 Performance, etc.), but a car whose architecture is entirely dedicated to performance, efficiency, pleasure linked to a certain exclusivity. It is therefore necessarily a 2 (or 3) 2-seater (or at least 2+2) 2-door coupe, rear or all-wheel drive, with, if possible, a mid-rear engine. Electric will likely shake up that last notion with its engines integrated into the landing gear, but not necessarily the transmission mode.

NB: there are no illustrations in this article because we are talking about projects that have mostly not seen the light of day, and that we are not fans of the 3D photoshop projections seen here and there, which usually have little to do with reality. We leave you to get an idea (or not) with your favorite search engine or by clicking on the few links contained in the article. Or to use your own imagination.

Porsche 714 Cayman

After the Taycan launched in 2020 (already!) and the Macan EV scheduled for 2023, the mid-engined sports coupe, a benchmark in the pure thermal sports car market, will be the third iteration of the Stuttgart brand in fully electric cars. So it is certain that the next version of the Cayman will be 100% electric. We don’t know much more at the moment, except that the latter will certainly be derived from the Mission R track prototype, called in to replace the current racing GTs. Porsche is not exaggerating the electrification of its Cayman/Boxster range, as a €500 million investment has been made in its historic factory in Zuffenhausen for the development of these models.

Toyota MR2 (or MR in France)

Known in the 80’s and 90’s as the “little Ferrari” in its red or yellow livery with its two seats and its vigorous mid-engine, this berlinetta was a delight for lovers of thrill racing, who liked to roam around the controls of a small car. very rarely seen on our roads without refraining from stepping on it from time to time. It is said on the Toyota side that an electric version of the mythical MR would be in the boxes. Let’s hope he takes on the DNA of his old one, whose comfort-performance compromise won over many enthusiasts.

Lexus MFA

I personally discovered this extraterrestrial machine during the Goodwood festival a few years ago, and I never really recovered from the sound its V10 made in such British territory, nor from its line of ground-to-ground missiles. A trauma that makes me hope that this electric MFA project will really see the light of day… one day. Also, it shouldn’t be too difficult for the engineers in the house to reproduce the sound of the original heat engine, as it was already closer to that of a rocket than a smoking one.

MG Cyberster

Outside England and its sedans, the MG was better known here in the 60s and 70s thanks to its small MGB roadsters that embodied the british way of life and that today enchant collectors with tweed caps. Since the brand was acquired by the Chinese giant SAIC Motor, it started from scratch and has been offering SUVs and even a van at “affordable” prices for electric vehicles with some success, given its services. But of course the enthusiast also hopes to see a small electric roadster one day in our green field. It seems that MG is indeed working on such a model, the MG Cyberster, and even that the project is already at a very advanced stage. Prepare your lids.

Lotus Type 135

Symbol of the light and agile sports car, Lotus seemed like a bad start for purists on their first electric excursion with their Eletre SUV. But the British manufacturer had not given the last word, and would have in its projects – in partnership with Alpine – an electric version of the Lotus Esprit, the most emblematic for some, especially among the followers of James Bond.


Which brings us to Alpine. It’s no longer a secret to anyone, the French manufacturer is preparing a range of electric cars, and among them most likely a battery-powered version of its famous berlinetta. Its weight/range ratio will certainly be much less favorable than that of the thermal version, but a small power of 250 horsepower for 300 kilometers of autonomy in less than 1,500 kilos would probably attract more than one. Pure personal conjecture, but we shouldn’t be too far from this equation in the end.

Tesla Roadster 2

We talked about it recently, putting it somewhat arbitrarily in the electric graveyard, but it will likely see the light of day, somewhere between 2025 and 2045. If others haven’t taken the place and done better there, the Tesla Roadster 2 version will certainly then represent the best and most radical in terms of power, performance, technology and range, since we are talking about 1000 horsepower for 1000 kilometers of range and more than 400 km/h peak. Totally above ground, totally essential. If only to annoy the grumpy.

Audi R8 e-tron

Let’s avoid the name pun, a little a few years ago, to focus on the energetic mutation of this sacred monster that is the embodiment of the “premium” spirit and Audi comfort perfectly blended with a certain Italian savagery. We’ve had a hunch ever since Audi announced that its entire range would be electrified by 2030, and now it’s a certainty: the next generation of the R8 will be 100% electric. When we’ve had the opportunity to drive the current e-tron RS GT (the most powerful production Audi in the brand’s history) a good distance away, we tell ourselves that this shouldn’t be a challenge. manufacturer from Ingolstadt.

Rimac Nevera

The super sports car of all superlatives (about 2,000 horsepower, of which probably 1,500 not very useful) will quickly find its place in the garage of the planet’s billionaires, from Silicon Valley to oil monarchies and Russian oligarchs… uh no, there is not, sorry. The Rimac Nevera, which we won’t see very often (hmm), is now a reality as it is homologated and a first copy is in the hands of its happy owner, who is none other than its creator. If you’re still hesitating between this one and a Dacia Spring, others follow. Patience, your turn will come.

DeLorean Alpha5

It is probably the most atypical of the list, in particular with its two butterfly opening doors (thus two doors), but its four real seats, elements that classify it in a slightly separate category between sedan and coupe. That said, the new version of this machine made legendary by the magic of the big screen, also conceived as its prestigious DMC-12 ascendant by the ItalDesign studio remains an excellent jewelery with a 100 kWh battery allowing theoretical autonomy. of 483. km. However, we do not know its time travel autonomy.

To complete

This rather eye-catching inventory, which restores faith in automotive passion, is set to continue to expand in the coming months with other prestige brands as we know Ferrari, Lamborghini and even Red Bull are set to largely electrify themselves in the coming years. A niche market, certainly, but one that contributes to the manufacturers’ margins and to their image. Let’s enjoy it as long as there is no ecological penalty on electricity…

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