Omi is working on tomorrow’s e-commerce

Social media has never been so popular. Of its 67 million inhabitants, France has 61 million (+24% compared to 2021) internet users and 50.2 million social network users, according to the Digital Report 2022 study carried out by Hootsuite and We are social . At home, on public transport or even in the doctor’s waiting room… Connection is possible almost everywhere. And brands understood the economic potential of these communication channels.

TodayToday, the communication channels are numerous and their content becomes outdated very quickly. An Instagram post has a lifespan of two hours. , notes Hugo Borensztein, co-founder of Omi with his brother Paul. Result: brands must always communicate more, faster but above all in a qualified way. In this context, 3D product modeling is very popular among users. This is where Omi comes in.

Automate 3D product modeling

Thanks to its solution, the Parisian company can model products in 3D in just a few minutes. NOWe can generate a photo in one minute and a video in 5 minutes” , proudly announces the co-founder. Once the 3D version is available, the user can stage their product (brightness, shadow, background, etc.).

In development for two years, Omi’s proprietary technology was powered by open source scanning and photogrammetry data. Ultimately, the company aims to make this process even faster.We we want to offer complete automation, where one click will be enough to transform the product placed on a table in 3D. »

This one what is long in conventional processes is the computer’s computing time. that depends on its power, explains Hugo Hugo Borensztein. Omi found the solution by developing their solution in the form of a web application. Your customers only need an internet connection, the data is processed in a cloud equipped with 400 graphics cards. We want to create a 3D Canvas, with very little support that will allow all teams to use it without having special 3D skills” guarantees the CEO.

Imagining the business of tomorrow

Business patterns are also changing. While live shopping is still struggling to take off in France compared to Asia, consumers are constantly looking for new experiences. Although Omi’s technology is already bearing fruit with its customers, its development potential is significant, particularly in augmented and virtual reality.

There is a few more years, the augmented reality market was estimated at 10 billion euros. In 5 years, it will reach 300 billion euroscontextualizes Hugo Borensztein. Once we have control of our solution, we can add as much experience as possible. We can, for example, integrate 3D into our Snapchat camera. » Another form that is developing: the use of Instagram filters with a pair of glasses or even simulations on the spot.The goal ist create customer interaction to limit order errors” analyzes the businessman.

In the more distant future, Omi may also be able to position himself in the metaverse, a technology that is on the rise but is still in its infancy. Hence the entrepreneur’s desire to add: “IThere’s a lot of bullshit in the metaverse. It is a natural move for us, because we are very advanced in Web3 with, at the same time, technology that is already working and bringing us revenue. »

Southern Europe Direction

A few months after registering the company and thanks to initial financial support, the company released a beta version in September 2021. Is it over there was a success on its release. We receive so many requests that we are unable to respond to them. » The company already has 200 customers – large groups, but also smaller brands like DNVB (Feed, Manuscrit, Nestlé, etc.).

Well launched, the startup does not intend to rest on its laurels. Its fundraising, of 6 million euros, should allow it to work on several axes: its R&D, product consolidation (available with weak connection) and recruitment. Omi is working in particular on the 3D transformation of a 2D image from one side and the interoperability of its assets with virtual reality and the metaverse.

Another great project awaits the young shoot: its internationalization. The choice of Dawn Capital as an investor is not due to chance. is that youn fund specialized in software, which only serves B2B companies. They also have a good knowledge of internationalization » , decrypts Hugo Borensztein. The young shoot wants to use his knowledge to settle in Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain and Italy) to start before leaving for the United Kingdom and, in the longer term, for the United States.

A strategic choice, but also pragmatic: “Jand I know these markets well, they are very similar to the French market” which will require few changes to the product. Several recruitments are planned to carry out these projects, both in the technical area as well as in the support or commercial part. What will the company go through “from 11 to 30 people by the end of 2022”.

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