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Monday 06/27/2022 — It’s not Tesla who wants to.

It was at the Paris Motor Show in 2018 that we discovered the new Vietnamese manufacturer Vinfast, there he presented a petrol engine sedan that he planned to launch in France within 12/18 months, but we don’t know. I never saw again. In early 2021, he announced a new VF-35, with either petrol or electric engines, before renaming the car the VF-8 and ultimately giving up on the petrol version. Vinfast will only make electric cars until 2023. It still sells gasoline cars in its home market, but none are exported. In Europe and the United States, Vinfast will only sell electrical products. For this, he hired a formidable boss, Michael Lohscheller, the former boss of Opel, who had positively returned the finances of the German brand, but he remained in the position only for 5 months. This means that if the brand is only 5 years old, after the country’s biggest businessman bought an old GM factory, it already has a very turbulent history.
Vinfast VF-8 ElectricThe manufacturer is currently establishing itself in Europe and therefore in France, where it plans to open up to 20 dealerships. Pending its opening, cars can now be booked online on their website, but for our interested readers, it’s important to specify 2 things. No Vinfast cars are still homologated in Europe this last week of June, and… That in our humble opinion, Vinfast didn’t bother to hire a French editor for the French translation of their website. Spell checkers can avoid mistakes, but there are phrases whose turn doesn’t make sense… Finally, Vinfast cars have a huge flaw, a flaw we thought we’d never see again: they will be sold without a battery, they will be the subject of a rental agreement separate. HAS EngineNature, we have always been perfectly constant in this matter. We’ve been badmouthing this system since our first test of the Renault Zoé in February 2013 and we’re delighted that Renault ended this system in January 2021. Buying an electric car without a battery is a stupid idea and we advise against it. no way. Fortunately, there is still the possibility of renting the car, this time in full.
Vinfast VF-8 ElectricThe Vinfast VF-8 offers an interesting choice in battery capacity. It’s really smart to offer a small battery for the customer who drives little and has a limited budget, and a large battery for the richer driver who wants to be able to drive a lot. But if the idea is good, the realization seems clumsy with a large battery that only offers 6% more capacity compared to the small one (87.7 versus 82 kWh). There are also 2 powertrains, 260 or 300 kW, ie 13% more power, here too the difference is small. A traditional manufacturer would have offered just one configuration to simplify their production and few customers would have suffered…
Vinfast VF-8 ElectricAt 4.75 m long, 1.90 m wide and 1.66 m high, the Vinfast VF-8 is a beautiful SUV, signed Pininfarina, and is available in France for a price of €43,050 to €51,200 , plus €120 per month of battery rental. As for the large model VF-9, we can only advise waiting for dealerships to open and for the press to experience the car, before showing any interest in the model.

Does the Vinfast VF-8 revive the battery rental system?

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