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Akius is a web.3 platform that is one of those new companies that want to revolutionize the way of donating to an association.

Start-up AKIUS is revolutionizing the collection of charitable donations with Operation Magic in the Hospital with Éric Antoine

AKIUS welcomes French and international associations, all causes combined (health, poverty, animal abuse, etc.), and helps them to raise funds by leveraging the notoriety of their godparents. Because every association on Akius is supported by a celebrity.

Akius’ goal is to raise $1 billion for charities. Each association, through the Akius platform, will be able to collect 20% more donations from the total donations collected over the course of a year, thanks to the NFT reward technology provided by Akius, adapted to the new generations.

Akius federates the power of the younger generations and puts it at the service of charitable structures

Since 2015, $5 billion has been raised through Facebook’s Donate button. This is the great challenge today for associations to address the younger generations to encourage them to become donors. And that inevitably goes through digital channels.

Unfortunately, most charities are unfamiliar with the digital environment, often due to lack of resources and/or very old presidents (almost one in two association presidents is over 65).

With messages adapted to young people, addressing them through their channels, and knowing the awareness of the commitment and desire to be useful that drive the new generations, millions of potential euros are raised for the associations.

So Akius is fully involved in detecting fans who want to make an impact, rather than letting charities handle it themselves, as is often the case with fundraising projects.

Akius inaugurates his platform with the association Magie à l’Hôpital and sponsor Eric Antoine.

The “Hospital Magic” association offers voluntary magic shows for hospitalized children and their families and also makes magical dreams come true.

As in the previous year, the aim is to offer every child hospitalized in France a box of magic tricks during the upcoming holiday season. This choice of gifts will allow reaching a wide range of children between the ages of 5 and 18 who will not be able to return home during this period.

To finance this operation, the association Magie à l’Hôpital must raise 50,000 euros for the purchase and distribution of magic boxes.

Eric Antonio, the association’s sponsor, is a tremendous lever to achieve this goal by getting personally involved. In fact, it offers a unique experience to the most generous contributors: access to the live stream of thanks, personalized video by Eric Antoine.

Video by Eric Antoine presenting the operation “ magic in the hospital and Akius :

money pot link :

AKIUS integrates NFTs as a reward for donations.

Akius is making a giant leap in the voluntary sector in terms of technology, values ​​and adaptation to the codes of the new generations.

“In fact, donors, in addition to doing a good deed, are rewarded through an NFT (Non Fungible Token), a true VIP membership of their favorite celebrity. This is how we attract Gen Y/Z but also Gen A (those born after 2010) », declares Jean-David Rombi, founder of AKIUS.

The different categories of rewards in NFT :

SUPPORT | 5€ or more | No NFTs

Support this project simply because it touches you, without choosing a reward. The invoice is possible because the donation is made free of charge, without compensation.

EPIC | €90 or more | Unlimited NFTs

The RARE Reward + Your Private Access to Eric Antoine’s Thank You Live Stream.

MYTH | €249 or more | Limited to 30 NFTs

The RARE + EPIC reward + your custom video by Eric Antoine.

COSMIC | €989 or more | Limited to 15 NFTs

The RARE + EPIC + MYTHIC reward + a private live stream with Eric Antoine.

How it works ?

After registering on Akius, an account is created in the name of the donor with a digital wallet (“wallet”) where their NFTs will be listed.

The donor chooses the cause of his choice, among the various associations, and the amount of his donation.

When a funding project is reached, contributors are rewarded with an exclusive perk: an interactive live stream with their speed on Akius.

Akius, a real NFT market

For each eligible donation, an NFT will be associated, giving a unique value to the donation.

long trade : Donors who were unable to benefit from their NFT rewards, such as access to personalized thanks from their celebrity, will be able to resell that NFT in the marketplace to benefit another donor.

Akius gives the charitable world a real facelift, providing it with technology to adapt to younger generations, real levers to collect donations.

About :

Created by Jean-David Rombi in 2019, Akius is a Web 3 platform that is revolutionizing the way of fundraising. Akius brings together fan communities through celebrities, who are godfathers or godmothers of associations, in order to collect charitable donations. In the form of NFT rewards, donors not only do a good deed, but also live a unique experience with their celebrity.

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