How to create a successful online sales website with Wizishop?

Online commerce has grown rapidly in recent years as many people have entered the business. Among commercial website publishers, the Wizishop e-commerce solution is a reference. In addition to being optimized and well thought out, it has a wide variety of features and tools to meet all your business needs, in addition, Wizishop offers free training in e-commerce. Want to know how to create a website with WiziShop. Just follow the 6 basic steps to easily create your website with WiziShop.

Sign up on the official WiziShop page.

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First of all, to create a website with WiziShop, go to the official website. For this, nothing is easier than clicking on the “Start now” button at the bottom, or even clicking on “Create my store” in the upper right corner of the page. At this stage, WiziShop will ask you for some information:

  • Your name and surname
  • a mail address
  • a password
  • Your store name
  • Your favorite color (for your theme.)
  • The type of product you sell

Customize the design of your WiziShop store.

After creating your store, WiziShop displays your dashboard. It is from this page that you can make any desired changes to your site. Firstly, you can customize your design and find it very easily.

In fact, your website’s homepage is one of the most important: it’s the first image people have of your store and events. This landing page will therefore determine whether your customers will stay in your store. Then it’s time to show your creativity.

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Rest assured, with the WiziShop interface, you can effortlessly transform your ideas into images as it is very easy to use and very intuitive. You will therefore find on the left a list of the “Wiziblocks” available, that is, all the elements that you can add to your page.

  • Text content
  • Multimedia content (slideshows, background videos, background images, illustrations, videos and still images)
  • Content related to your store’s products (additional tool blocks dedicated to your social network, forms, newsletters, customer testimonials and reviews, countdown to your promotion)
  • Logo and Design of your store.

Add products to your WiziShop store.

Create an online store with Wizishop.

WiziShop opens a simple menu where you just need to enter the characteristics of your product. You must give a name, a reference, a category, a description. You must also enter other parameters to generate your store.

Therefore, you must fill in all the elements such as the price of the item, the number of copies of this item in stock, your delivery options and a photo of the latter.

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Manage your SEO before launching your website.

SEO remains one of the safest and, above all, most profitable sources of traffic:

Once your pages are positioned correctly, you can make your content stand out without spending a fortune.

Here is a simple SEO beginner checklist that you can implement step-by-step before you even launch your website:

  • Add a blog where you will write about your topic.
  • Choose keywords that work on e-commerce sites –
  • Choose keywords that are not competitive but have the right search volume.
  • Complete all category pages, product titles and H1 tags…

Generate a checklist and marketing plan

Thanks to your checklist, you will have a list of all the actions to be taken for the launch of your online sales site and even after. So, you will create a list to organize your ideas and your marketing plan.

Plus, since e-commerce listings can be customized to suit your business, you can get started.

Your marketing plan will be your compass for where you are going. The preparation phase is as important as following the plan.

Set up your rate plan and launch your store.

After completing all the steps given on the dashboard, you can click on the “Start Store” button. At this point, WiziShop will display a blue “Choose my plan” button, clicking on it will give you access to WiziShop pricing to make your choice.

During the 15-day trial period, WiziShop features will be provided for free, after which you will be asked to choose a payment method.

WiziShop subscriptions are relatively simple, there are 3 in total. They each include customer support, unlimited products, and SEO options, but they more or less have other features.

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