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Unprecedented accuracy for cable network inspection thanks to AITRANS ENERGY’s quantum and artificial intelligence.

Deeptech start-up ALTRANS ENERGY, a specialist in monitoring electrical networks, is the winner of the 13thº edition of the Innotrophées contest, Start-up category. These Trophies are organized by the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This award was awarded by the Start-up Trophy Jury on June 21, 2022 at the World Trade Center in Grenoble. This is a new mark of recognition, after winning the General Public award at the 2022 Simulation and Digital Technologies Trophy at Usine Nouvelle on June 14th.

An award that echoes social issues

The purpose of the Innotrophies is to reward innovative projects from Grenoble’s research and innovation ecosystem. ALTRANS ENERGY Founder and CEO Cornel Ioana, PhD explains:

“This award is very important to us because it allows us to strengthen our local partnerships – which are crucial to our development strategy. It is an acknowledgment of the interest of our AI and quantum-based technology in contributing to the prevention of high voltage power outages – for power transmission networks, medium voltage – for distribution and low voltage – for private and institutional customers. ALTRANS ENERGY’s objective is to guarantee the reliability of electrical networks, which is a key research topic carried out in our Region. This is an important issue in the context of the place that electricity occupies in the current environmental, economic and social transition. »

ALTRANS ENERGY innovation in artificial intelligence is recognized

ALTRANS ENERGY has invented and developed an unprecedented technology that puts artificial intelligence at the service of the autonomous inspection of electrical networks. The jury was impressed by their innovation, consisting of distributed sensors and forming an AI network for detecting precursors to cable failures. Cornel Ioana, PhD, details:

“Our innovation is based on quantum algorithms that allow the precise identification of precursors of cable defects, such as partial discharges, through their interference at the quantum level with a broadband waveform that propagates in the network. Quantum metrics allow a very precise localization of incipient defects, as well as the classification of defects through an artificial intelligence approach based on the descriptors defined by these quantum metrics. It is an innovation on the border between artificial intelligence and energy. It is developed from the fundamental research stage, supported by the LSI and Energies du Futur Carnot institutes in Grenoble and taken by ALTRANS ENERGY to the product placed on the market stage in the form of operational prototypes. »

Several pilot projects to secure energy supply

The innovation behind ALTRANS ENERGY has been validated in several pilot projects in an operational context, tested in collaboration with international industrial partners that are leaders in their market: ENEDIS, EDF, SAGI Tech, Shanghai Electric.

ALTRANS ENERGY on some important facts and figures:

· Founded in 2020 by Cornel Ioana, PhD, Professor-Researcher at Grenoble INP – Gipsa-Lab.

Startup supported and co-founded by Linkium, SATT Grenoble Alpes

A team of 4 people based in Grenoble

An innovation patent and protected software are being explored, the result of research work within the Gipsa-lab laboratory and valued by Grenoble INP

A dozen pilot systems worldwide with international energy leaders

Partners: ENEDIS, EDF, SAGI Tech, Shanghai Electric

· ALTRANS Energy is the winner:

the Grid-Up by ENEDIS Award in 2017

the BPIfrance I-lab Award in 2021

the General Public Award at the Simulation and Digital Technologies Trophy 2022 at Usine Nouvelle

o the starting price on 13º edition of Grenoble CCI Innotrophies in 2022

About ALTRANS ENERGY? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Created in 2020, deeptech start-up ALTRANS ENERGY offers automatic inspection solutions for cable networks. Its innovation consists of distributed sensors forming an artificial intelligence (AI) network for the detection of cable failure precursors. The AI ​​approach relies on quantum algorithms to characterize these precursors in detail.

Its team of 4 people, based in Grenoble, is supported by Linkium, the Technology Transfer Acceleration Company (SATT) of Grenoble Alpes.

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