The latest e-commerce trends according to the Wizishop platform

E-commerce has grown rapidly over the past two decades. In the first quarter of 2020, 40 million Internet users purchased a service or product from an online site. WiziShop offers a very easy to use turnkey ecommerce solution. Since its inception in 2008, more than 200,000 e-merchants have created their online stores through the platform. This e-commerce solution offers more than 400 features, parameters and functions to meet all your needs. Wizishop co-founder and CEO Cédric Piazza talks about the latest e-commerce trends and some of the best ways to make acquisitions.

The latest e-commerce trends according to Cédric Piazza

According to Wizishop, e-merchants must continually follow new trends to stand out and offer customers a great experience.

source: Le Journal des Entreprises

For example, social selling has gained traction in recent years. The concept includes commercial prospecting and selling your products on social media. If you have clothes or accessories to sell, you can now do so on Instagram. This system will soon come to new social networks like TikTok.

With the advent of many e-commerce sites and the health crisis, so-called “last mile” delivery is enjoying huge success. Consumers want multiple delivery options to meet their time constraints, such as door-to-door delivery. In addition, consumers expect brands to be delivered on D-Day.

On the other hand, some consumers are increasingly looking to make responsible purchases. According to Fevad, 70% of shoppers in 2019 choose sites that demonstrate a responsible attitude. On the other hand, companies are also more committed. For example, they tend to adopt environmentally responsible methods in their manufacturing process. This is achieved through the use of recycled raw materials and commitments to associations or carbon offset deliveries. All these moves resonate with new consumer expectations.

Cédric Piazza said: “A few years ago, we had to convince our visitors that ordering online was safe. Today we see that consumers have a new standard of trust. »

90% of potential customers check online reviews before visiting a store or purchasing a product. Because they need to know what other consumers like before making a choice. For e-commerce, this is a good opportunity to understand customer needs.

Also, almost all buyers appreciate free shipping or returns. To be more precise, 72% of customers cite delivery as a determining factor when making an online purchase. Again, ignoring this underlying expectation can have real business implications.

In addition, consumers want to prioritize the payment methods and management methods they understand. Therefore, Wizishop recommends that its commerce providers offer various payment methods such as: credit card, gift card, e-wallet and many others.

If an e-commerce site only offers cash credit card payments, it will automatically lose potential sales.

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Finally, Internet users often need reassurance about e-commerce. Therefore, it is important to highlight the history of the company and the team behind the site. Today, telling stories and humanizing your online store is one of the keys to differentiating yourself from your competitors. Incorporating more of a brand by deploying a relevant narrative is also a great way to make your products and campaigns resonate with consumers’ new aspirations. A great story is always more powerful than a good price.

Generate more sales: Wizishop reveals the keys to success

There are more and more online stores. In 2019, there were 190,000 e-commerce sites. There were already 200,650 in the first quarter of 2020, according to Fevad. Consequently, there are more competitors and it is harder to differentiate. Today, the success of e-merchants is based on several pillars.

Wizishop explains how to generate more sales
source: Wizishop

First, you need to take the time to build a recognizable brand identity. We must create a visual universe and a unique tone to help Internet users remember the store. Thus, the latter will go directly to the site. As a result, marketers become less reliant on unchecked traffic sources like SEO, social media, etc.

One of the keys to a digital world is to personalize your communications as much as possible. In fact, visitors are overwhelmed with a lot of information.

In WiziShop, there are built-in tools to customize the store’s message according to the person’s identity or location.

Second, it’s important to diversify those same traffic sources. Today, websites that rely solely on Instagram or SEO for traffic are at risk.

Tomorrow’s Business According to Wizishop

Eventually, Wizishop believes the e-commerce experience will become more and more immersive.

Consumers want to be able to shop anytime, anywhere. As a result, brands are looking to add outlets to further simplify the buying process.

For example, products can be viewed in 3D or virtual reality. We can also make in-app purchases on platforms that we don’t necessarily imagine in this niche.

It is now available for purchase via Instagram, Facebook, TikTok. For example, in the near future, platforms like Netflix will make it possible to buy products that are directly integrated with their content.

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