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vibe sex, drugs but without the rock n Roll. The testimonies of former workers of start are cold in the back. The @balancetastartup or @balancetonagency Instagram accounts echo this. Small anthology: “I have witnessed many exhaustion and even hospitalization to the point of pushing people to the limit. “Drugs of all kinds, alcohol distributed to employees at work tables, anyone who didn’t drink was frowned upon. “All staff partially unemployed during the first lockdown, when they are asked to fulfill their normal hours. » Moral or sexual harassment, reduced remuneration, unpaid overtime, non-compliance with labor legislation, precariousness, volume of business… The culture of overcoming and freedom advocated by the leaders of the start seems to allow a lot of abuse. Marion Flécher, PhD in sociology, specialist in start French and American, deciphers the phenomenon and origin of these abuses.

where does it start start ?

This question has been the subject of all my work. Because the start does not refer to any official definition. I propose a definition based on three criteria. The business model first. These companies must be innovative, by definition they are not financed by traditional methods of financing such as banks. This presupposes, therefore, a mode of speculative financing to achieve significant growth. O start It is also distinguished by its organizational model. There is “a spirit start “ where control acts horizontally, where autonomy is valued, where workers are empowered. All in a favorable climate, a good atmosphere and conviviality. Third criterion: the ideological model. These are companies that adopt the opposite view of the traditional company.

Many young people are hired on internships. It seems that the CDI does not enact laws in these young companies.

It is true. When I interviewed the founders who were embarking on the adventure start, always made a very refractory speech to the CDI. For them, the CDI signed the death of the company for being too restrictive. They have the idea that hiring a bad candidate on a permanent contract could sink the company because firing would cost too much. It’s a very liberal speech. Therefore, they tend to use precarious labour, especially in the start-up phase. They make massive and often illegal use of interns. Because, in principle, the law requires that, for an intern, there is an employee working in the company to support him. This is rarely the case. Generally, these interns often occupy a role in their own right. They, they are therefore left to their own devices.

Under the guise of freedom, profit, growth, the start tend to free themselves from labor law…

This idea that the entrepreneur should be free, do what he wants, leaves a little room for excess. Especially since the atmosphere is very porous to the moods or characters of small business leaders. i feel like the start who work on a long-term basis are those who have shown particular concern for their teams and know how to invest in human resources. But in this environment, harmful work environments are numerous. More and more teachers are banning their students from doing internships in start because they know that these companies cause a lot of problems.

It is hard to imagine that, under these conditions, you would want to keep your job for the long term.

There are many volume of business at the start in start-ups, and that doesn’t bother the leaders. There are so many things to do that managers don’t care who does them. On the contrary, the more volume of business, the greater the probability of finding a person, such as an intern, who will be able to invest as an employee and receive four times less. And once again, I’m cool… When the company grows, this phenomenon loses strength. On the other hand, historical officials are often sacrificed on the altar of growth. Many leave because they do not obtain the expected professional developments.

The profile of the leaders of starttoo “formatted” by your business schools, is it a drift factor?

What came up often during my interviews with workers is that good entrepreneurs don’t necessarily make good managers. In fact, if we look at the formation of leaders of to startabove, many drop out of business school and have not taken a business course. They learned how to create a business in an entrepreneurship course. What doesn’t train you to supervise a team, to accompany people. They are even antithetical functions, I would say. as part of a start in creation, the framing, therefore, is a little on the sidelines. But that is exactly what allows him to carry out his work with professionalism. Urgency, unpreparedness, unpredictability, contradictory orders, multiactivity are stress factors. If you are young and poorly supervised, you increase the risk of exhaustion. This lack of training is then reflected as former employees move up the organization’s hierarchy. Just because you’re an expert in your field doesn’t mean you’re a good manager. If the start taking the management issue more in hand, it would be possible to avoid many toxic situations.

During your research, your interviews with employees of beginners, what are the concerns that have been reported to you?

The first remains the lack of work organization. The lack of structures, supervision, support. Interns say they are powerless in the face of work demands. There is not enough structure to carry out coherent and rational actions. The second point raised concerns the personality of the leaders and the not always rosy atmosphere in the company. in many of start, there is very little time shared, people do not have lunch together, there is no cement to federate the collective. Workers feel isolated. Finally, I would say that the main obstacles are too high standards, not enough oversight, and too much space left for the personality of leaders.

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