A second national award for the Orleans Pharmazon e-commerce site

Wednesday, June 22, Audrey Lecoq, Founder and Director of Orleans Pharmazon Company, received its second national award of the year, in the e-commerce category. It was introduced to him at the Growth Business Summit.

On February 10th, he also unanimously received the first Favor’i award, in the hope category, from Februarynational federation of electronic commerce and distance sales.

Pharmazon was created in 2015 in Orléans, as wholesale shopping center for pharmacies. Since September 2021, the company has also opened an e-commerce site for parapharmaceuticals, including sales benefit the pharmacy chosen by the internet user.

The leader answered, this Thursday, June 23, to our questions.

What does this new national award represent?

“It’s amazing! I hadn’t seen that happen! It’s a renowned summit, with a jury composed mainly of great business leaders, bankers, international experts… As Pharmazon grows and this I hope to export the model in neighboring European countries at the end of 2023, I was interested in meeting them.”

How many candidates were there? Why were you chosen?

“There were 127 files for the e-commerce category and ten selected for an oral one. It was clearly my model that was appreciated. It helps to maintain the distribution chain as a whole, increasing sales online and in pharmacies. What also interested funders is that many e-commerce sites are unprofitable because of their inventories. However, Pharmazon’s stock is carried out by the central purchasing activity for pharmacies.”

What are the repercussions of these awards for Pharmazon?

“This allows the model to be known. Our customers are loyal, they give positive opinions about the concept, but it still needs to be known!”

“Sales exploded for two months”

How are online sales changing?

“It’s been exploding for two months, especially after TV ads and on the Paris Metro. We’ve increased it to 50,000 visits per month: we’re starting to play in the courtyard of beautiful places. I aim for 150,000 visitors a month. Sales range from 50 to 100 a day and I hope to reach 150 this year.

What I’m proud of is that 42% of orders are delivered to pharmacies, because there are no shipping costs. Pharmacists tell us they are seeing customers for the first time. In particular for male fertility tests, rarely presented. Or baby milks: a pharmacy cannot offer the full range. Or even specific, hard-to-find skin creams.”

And the number of member pharmacists?

“Now there are 1,100 registered on the general public website. Of these, this is new, 37 in Brittany. They generate an average margin of 25%.”

How is the evolution of your turnover?
“Actually, the value of e-commerce goes to pharmacists, who order their products from my purchasing center. E-commerce represents 7% of the central unit’s revenue.attract new pharmacies.”

Still can’t sell drugs?

“No, I wrote to the Senate. I’m waiting.”

How many referrals do you sell? Is it increasing?

“We have 15,000 references in the purchasing center and 10,000 for the general public. This will increase to 18,000 references. Because, in August, our logistics moved to Alloga in Meung-sur-Loire, where we gained 2,000 square meters. In December, we will also move our offices, close to Orléans station, to the south of the Royal Bridge. we will pass from 24 to 26 employees in July.”

Other news to look forward to?

“We are launching a new major media plan in September, on television and on the subway, as well as in pharmacies, with posters encouraging people to go to Pharmazon in the event of a product not found on the shelf.

“We can file a patent, because I’m called by garden centers, specialists in agricultural equipment, DIY, etc., to duplicate our modelin favor of e-commerce and physical stores.”

audrey lecoq (Founder and Director)

At the beginning of 2023, we will also launch the “pharmacy meeting”. we will be able to schedule an appointment on our website for a vaccination, a test… We will activate the databases to find instructions and advice for products and medicines. The internet user can scan your recipeso that everything is ready when he gets to the counter.”

What are the main difficulties?

“It’s the price battle on the internet. There’s a lot of aggression. It changes every day. You have to be on constant surveillance…”

Are you experiencing any product shortages?

“Summer product inventories were consumed earlier than usual. Orders are coming in, but only partially. This is the case for more than 50 solar products. stolen in nebulizers, but there will be. And, for four days, we started selling again many Covid tests, Unfortunately…”

Pharmazon, nominated for Company Trophies, economic performance category

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