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At Tesla Mag, we want to support you as much as possible in choosing your charging equipment to switch to electric under the best conditions.

We work on the selection of installers in all cities in France, here is the reference of terminal installers for the city of Dijon.

Do you have a specific charging station installation project?

Our selection criteria:

– Certified installers

– Desirable electrical experience

– Technical knowledge and ability to advise

In this article, we allow you to better understand the role of this installer for the city of Dijon. This benchmark company has been established for over 10 years in the Dijon region.

Sonelec, a locally committed player to help you. The company was acquired by Axel Villemagne in 2012 and has 55 employees present locally in Dijon to intervene quickly if necessary.

Interview with manager Axel Villemagne

Partners that manufacture electrical terminals


“We work mainly with two partners to enable the installation of charging stations: Sobem, which is a manufacturer, and Wellborne.”


“In addition to Dijon, which is our main sector, we are also present in its surroundings in the Côte d’Or department.”

Install your charging station on Sonelec:

“First of all, after accepting the deal, we will systematically contact the customer because it is essential, during this exchange we establish a budget together, then we go to the person if he decides to entrust us with his facilities. In addition, during our travels we remain in this perspective of advising the customer, accompanying him as much as possible to understand his needs and be able to install the terminals in an optimal way.”


Installing a charging station at home or for your business becomes essential, especially in Dijon, where there are 34 public charging stations for 161,380 inhabitants.

The importance of installing a charging station:

“Installing a charging station drastically reduces the charging time of your vehicle compared to a conventional domestic socket, for professionals it is obviously essential to install a charging station if customers so desire, in addition it is not recommended to use a socket household to charge your electric vehicle as it can be dangerous.”

Having a charging station at home has the following advantages:

By choosing to go through our certified installer, you have the option to choose the terminal you are going to install.

Once this installer is certified, whether you are an individual or a professional, you can benefit from assistance that will be detailed by your consultant installer.

Why choose Sonelec in Dijon over another?

“We are a qualified, certified company, we focus mainly on the region and we are always present at the level of after-sales service to maintain contact with the customer.”

What energy should you install in your home when you live in Dijon?

The power suggested by Sonelec for a domestic charging station is 7KwH

How much can it cost to install a charging station in Dijon?

The fees :

These data are expressed in HT:

between 1500€ and 2000 for a 7kwh terminal in a private house

€6,000 for a 22 kWh dual terminal at a professional

Cost details:

The materials for installing the bollard represent €60 of the price


Installed terminals are compatible with all electric vehicles

To conclude, Sonelec is above all:

“Good training both for installers present in the field and for project managers and technicians at all levels.” This is an essential point that we highlight, specifies Axel Villemagne.

So don’t hesitate any longer to install your terminal in Dijon and surroundings, fill in our form and stay in good hands thanks to our approved terminal installers certified by Tesla Mag!

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