[Made in Bordeaux] VivaTech: Nouvelle-Aquitaine start-ups in effect at the fair

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Although the VivaTech fair has just closed its doors, receiving more than 90,000 visitors, it is a positive result for the New Aquitaine startups present (Surigo, Ubleam, Soan, Handiroad, Akigora, Woon, Fari Analytics, Fullbus, quiet,…). Meetings with major national and international accounts, participation in conferences on the challenges of tomorrow and in particular on Metavers and Web3, exchanges between entrepreneurs interested in innovation, contact with investors, etc. The dynamic was very dynamic.

We decided to transfer the monthly event “Meet Your VC” to VivaTech, with the Bordeaux Métropole teams. We privatized a space at the fair, where around fifty entrepreneurs from Nova Aquitânia heard the pitches of five investors, before launching one at a time and getting to know them. Reversing the pattern was important to us. Typically, startups launch first. There, we pushed the codes and it worked fine! It’s very exciting to see innovation in the broadest sense, this effervescence driven by entrepreneurs who are more innovative than ever before.” comments Cyril Texier, President of French Tech Bordeaux.

As part of the implementation of the metropolitan economic development plan, focusing on environmental, digital and social transitions, we had the pleasure of supporting 55 start-ups of Bordeaux metropolis and New Aquitaine region at the fair and co-organize the event “Meet your VC” to support this great and very dynamic innovation in New Aquitaine”, explains Aurélien Binet, Project Manager for Digital Ecosystems at Bordeaux Métropole.

A collaboration that generated around 200 exchanges between start-ups and investors from Nova Aquitaine!

Focus on 4 start-ups in New Aquitaine:


NRGYBox has designed a public lighting management solution that automatically adapts the lighting atmosphere to traffic and uses. A way of lighting better and less, ensuring lighting that guarantees the safety of citizens on the move, respecting the need for darkness of night ecosystems. Newly created, this start-up supported by Unitec, already works with 5 communities committed to the ecological transition. The solution, marketed mainly in Nova Aquitaine, aims to develop its reputation at national and then European level.

We analyze population flows from cell phones. It is GDPR-compliant data, which allows us to know the frequency of spaces. In the areas controlled by our solution, we can therefore predict what will happen thanks to machine learning and therefore plan the appropriate lighting. This allows you to save energy very quickly and limit light pollution associated with street lighting. Today, we are accelerating our industrialization to deploy our solution more widely at the national level and open up to the European market”, explains Rémi Kupisz, co-founder of NRGYBox.


Elzeard, featured at the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region booth, presented his SaaS solution for optimizing agricultural crop planning. The start-up AgriTech has designed a production management application, dedicated to fruit and vegetable producers and fully customizable to the cultural context of each one. Planning, crop rotation, crop monitoring, traceability, harvests and balance sheets: everything has been designed to facilitate the daily lives of producers and farm management.

For us, it is a great first to participate in VivaTech! We came to seek visibility, contacts in technological partnerships and start our international implementation. We’ve had hooks in Italy, Spain, Africa and North America. We also want to find financiers and investors in view of our fundraising, scheduled for 2023. The challenges are multiple and fundamental for our development.comments Florence Amardeilh, CEO of Elzeard.


Talk3, led by Antoine Créhalet – also founder of ADN.ai – and Amaury Delloye, was at VivaTech to announce the launch of “Talking Twins”, a digital twin creation platform that allows your avatar to speak in metaverses to ensure a life 24 hours a day. 7 presence. An innovation at European level, which makes the choice of a method of collaborative financing through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), piloted by the company Inblocks.

Talk3 is a “no-code” platform that lets you buy an existing avatar or create it with a simple user-like video. This avatar will be able to speak, even using its creator’s own voice, or a synthetic voice in several languages. The goal will be to have your own interactive voice twin equipped with conversational intelligence, to increase productivity, facilitate exchanges and ensure a tenfold increase in quality of service. LVMH’s Livi is already offering to have her 3D muse. There, we propose to talk and make it available in the pre-sale, at the point of sale, in the after-sale. We are expanding the playground!”, celebrates Amaury Delloye, co-founder of Talk3.


Dipongo is an EdTech start-up that creates educational and interactive stories to help children use screens moderately, while awakening their creativity and raising awareness of social and environmental values. Supported by Le Village by CA Aquitaine, Dipongo was at VivaTech this year to boost its offer internationally.

We are here to serve our customers and accelerate our development in Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Northern European countries and the United States. So far, our app has been distributed mainly in France to a B2B and B2C audience, but we have very positive signals and strong requests in several countries. Our approach to soft skills matches your philosophy well. Now we are ready to accelerate”, Emmanuelle Gras, co-founder of Dipongo.


Jacques Froissant, founder ofAltaid in 2000, a recruitment consultancy that quickly established itself as one of the main players in supporting innovative companies in the digital/digital universe.



Aurore Vinzerich is founder and director of Madame de la Com’, an agency specializing in communication for start-ups. With 15 years of experience in Communication and Press Relations, Aurore is also a speaker at several schools (SciencesPo, INSEEC…) and is a Mentor of accelerators and incubators (1Kubator, Théophraste…).

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