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In just 12 years, the number of electric vehicles on France’s roads has increased from 980 to 805,000 units.

Electric and plug-in hybrid models have quickly established themselves in the automotive market, with more and more French people turning to low-emission mobility solutions.

For all those who still have doubts about the use of electricity, DRIVECO, one of the main players in clean mobility, presents 5 good reasons to start.

5 good reasons to go electric

1. An ecological solution.

The electric car has many advantages, including the absence of CO2 emissions while driving. In addition, as it emits very few pollutants into the air, its environmental impact is much lower compared to thermal models. The shift to electric vehicles thus leads to a change in air quality in cities.

2. An economical solution.

Although the purchase of an electric vehicle proves to be more important than that of a thermal vehicle, in use, the electric vehicle is much cheaper than its gasoline or diesel equivalent. In fact, according to the study carried out by UFC-Que Choisir in June 2021, the purchase of an electric car pays for itself quickly, whether for small or large drivers.

Also, with the cost of fuel rising in recent months, driving in electric mode saves money: the cost of energy is on average 73% cheaper than the fuel used for a thermal car.

Finally, and to encourage more and more French people to make use of this smooth mobility, the French government has created various aids for motorists, including a bonus to facilitate the installation of charging stations at home or in public spaces.

3. A solution for the future

Electric mobility is the future of the automobile. In fact, the European Commission intends to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2035. Although nothing has been decided yet, many cities and countries are embracing the trend. For example, the United States announced a target of 50% zero-emission cars by 2030.

4. A reliable, pleasant and silent solution

The electric car has the advantage of being silent. In addition, because it does not have a gearbox, the car does not vibrate and is very pleasant to drive. It also allows the driver to get some rest from their normally focused attention on engine speed.

Note that having a clean vehicle makes getting around the city easier. In fact, while the thermal car is impacted by alternating traffic during pollution peaks, electric cars are not affected at all. Finally, in the Paris region, as in other French cities, electric cars have access to free spaces reserved for them.

5. An easy service and maintenance solution

Maintaining an electric vehicle is less expensive and less restrictive than a thermal model: fewer parts, no gearbox, etc. Repairs and replacements are therefore rarer.

In addition, insurers tend to favor clean vehicles, considered more reliable due to the lower number of breakdowns, and thus offer cheaper car insurance, sometimes reaching -50% compared to a thermal vehicle.

DRIVECO raises the brakes on e-mobility

However, many obstacles persist in the minds of many French people.

the first worries the total carbon footprint of an electric vehicle, from its manufacture to its recharge. DRIVECO offers a carbon-free electricity solution by establishing 100% solar stations to make electric mobility fully green. Thanks to this type of charging, the car’s carbon footprint becomes very low. In addition, the construction of the electric car can be more carbon intensive than that of a thermal model. However, after two to three years of use, the total carbon balance is reversed and is much better than the thermal car. Overall, the impact of electric vehicles on the environment and public health is much smaller than that of thermal cars.

In addition, many French people are afraid that they will not easily find charging stations on the way. To overcome this situation, DRIVECO is committed to expanding its network of public charging stations. Drivers can quickly and easily access its network of 5,000 terminals through the DRIVECO app. Thus, they can view the real-time availability of charging points, identify those nearby, but also follow the progress of charging from their mobile phone and stop it at any time. And for users who want to control their green trips, the app allows them to monitor energy consumption, transport budget, as well as the CO2 savings generated by charging their electric car at one of the DRIVECO terminals. The date, more than 500,000 recharges were made on the network.


Specialist in electric mobility, since 2010 DRIVECO finances, builds and operates universal charging solutions. Awarded with the Usine Nouvelle Energy Transition Trophy, DRIVECO has installed thousands of charging points in France and abroad. With a turnkey service, DRIVECO supports its customers in all phases of the project: financing, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, supervision, user services.

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