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The electric market experienced a sharp expansion in 2021 and early 2022. However, in the context of the ecological debate, the electric car still struggles to convince on a large scale. Swiss Germans are the most reluctant. Almost 3/4 of them do not plan to buy an electric model.

Every year, the online comparator draws up an inventory of car insurance in Switzerland. More than 1,250 users responded to a survey covering the following categories: clarity of information provided, claims management, reimbursement time, price-performance ratio and customer service. Responses were converted to a score between 1 and 6, with the best score being 6. Here are the top search results.

Electric car: the hotspot in Switzerland

In our 2021 survey, 3.2% of respondents owned an electric car. This year, that number has risen to 5.5%. An increase that joins data from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), with an average increase of around 60% for new print runs in the same period.

Almost a quarter of respondents intend to buy an electric car. On the other hand, 70.1% do not plan to buy any.

Electric car: regional differences

The German-speaking Swiss are the most reluctant about electricity. Only 4.1% of them own such a car. In proportion, it is almost double the Italian Swiss. The latter are also the ones with the highest purchase intention, as 30.7% are considering the purchase of an electric car.

Electric car: negative points

The question of ecology is at the center of the debate. However, for 24.3% of respondents, the environmental impact of batteries (mainly in manufacturing) is the main negative point of electric cars. The other highlighted elements are the purchase price (23.8%), limited autonomy (21.0%) and the lack of charging stations (20.0%).

Electric car: negative points depending on the region

While Germans and Francophones highlight the impact of batteries at around 25%, Italian Swiss are more restrained (17.5%) at this point. The latter consider, above all, the lack of autonomy (27%) as the main obstacle to the purchase of an electric car.

Electric car: positive points

For 39.1% of respondents, the main positive point of the electric car is the ecological aspect (less polluting than other fuels). The other advantages mentioned are the economic side (cheaper to use) at 16.4%, the low maintenance required (system simplicity and reliability) at 11.7% and finally the peace of mind (less noise pollution) at 7.8% . On the other hand, 19.6% of respondents do not see any positive points.

Electric car: positive points by region

Regardless of the linguistic region, the ecological footprint is the main positive point presented. On the other hand, this is the case to varying degrees: from 49.6% in Italian-speaking Switzerland, this proportion drops to 35.1% on the German side. It should also be noted that in the latter region, more than a quarter do not find any positive points in the electric car.

Car insurance: historically high fidelity

Over the past year, policyholders have been reluctant to change. Only 6.7% of them turned to another service provider. A historically high loyalty rate. In comparison, this index reached 9.4% in 2021.

Car insurance: reasons to stay loyal

The quality of services (44.5%) continues to be the main reason for loyalty, followed by the level of the premium (28.6%), the services provided (21.1%) and the exceeding of the notice period ( 5.8%).

Car insurance: reasons for moving

Respondents explain their change mainly by the level of premiums (35.9%) and by the purchase of a new vehicle (20.5%). It is also interesting to note that tender offers play a particularly prominent role this year (17.9%).

Overall satisfaction 2022 – Swiss average

The Swiss population is satisfied with their car insurance. For the 5th consecutive year, the average satisfaction rate is 5.2 out of 6, mention “good”. The rating differences between the different providers are again relatively small, evidence of the intense competition that reigns in the Swiss car insurance market.

Mobiliar has been number one in car insurance satisfaction surveys for 11 years. This year, again, it got the best overall score (5.5, mention “very good”).

Vaudoise ranks 2nd with an overall average of 5.4, while ranks 3rd with a score of 5.3. These two insurances thus earn the mention “good”.

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