What is the best electric bike to choose in 2022?

Residents of large cities or suburbs are increasingly embracing e-bikes. With its battery and motor, the electric assistance acts during the pedaling to multiply the power and relieve the cyclist. It allows you to travel great distances while minimizing fatigue. It offers more comfort than a simple electric scooter in the city with its saddle and big wheels. Its architecture makes it possible to carry a battery, also offering greater autonomy. Its operation is similar to a conventional bicycle. It allows you to get out of the city with great ease, its trunk can hold a basket to carry some groceries or your work items.

Selection of the best e-bikes in 2022

Hitway FatBike 20“: a folding model with high autonomy

Hitway FatBike 20? -DR

For under $1,000 you can buy this 20” folding model. It has a 48 volt 11.2 Ah battery associated with a 250 watt motor. Its autonomy varies between 35 and 90 km, depending on the route. It has 7 speeds thanks to its Shimano transmission.

The majority :

  • 7 speeds with Shimano derailleur;
  • folding bike;
  • Satisfactory autonomy.

The minors:

Eleglide M1 Plus: a 21-speed mountain bike with Shimano drivetrain

Eleglide M1 Plus
Eleglide M1 Plus – DR

Its modern and refined style gives it a sporty look. This mountain bike will be as comfortable in the city as it is on the mountain roads. Its 21-speed Shimano transmission guarantees great ease, reinforced by its electric motor powered by a 12.5 Ah 36 volt battery.

The majority :

  • Crutch;
  • LCD screen ;
  • Dynamic style.

The minors:

  • Unspecified autonomy

Hitway 26“ Women: a stylish look to get around town

Path 26?  Women
Path 26? Woman – DR

This E-Bike is mainly intended for women with its sloping frame that makes it easy to use in a dress or skirt. It has a 10 Ah battery under 36 volts giving it a maximum range of 50 km. Its 7-speed Shimano transmission allows you to find the right balance depending on the route you travel.

The majority :

  • Shimano Transmission;
  • Angular frame;
  • elegant finish

The minors:

  • Autonomy a little fair for the price

Vivi 26″ Cruiser: raised handlebars for an ideal position

live 26?  Cruiser
live 26? Cruiser – DR

With its 250 watt motor, this versatile model has a range that varies between 35 and 80 km, depending on the route. It is powered by an 8 Ah battery at 36 volts. It has 3-speed electric assistance and a 7-speed rear derailleur. Its wide handlebars are comfortable as is its saddle, ideal for long rides.

The majority :

  • Correct autonomy;
  • Versatile use.

The minors:

Surpass Survae Ville black 26“: a successful vintage finish

Overcome Survae City Black 26
Overcome Survae City Black 26 – DR

Range is not its strong point with only 40 km advertised with its 10 Ah battery, but its price is quite competitive. It has a 6-speed Shimano transmission. Disc braking is an asset when some still have pads. Its vintage finish with its brown saddle and tire sidewalls taking on that color in a black frame is particularly successful.

The majority :

  • Disc brake;
  • vintage finish;
  • Small price for a VAE.

The minors:

Velair 28“: an aluminum frame for lightness

Sailboat 28?
Sailboat 28? -DR

With a range of 60 km and an aluminum frame, the Velair is a good choice. It’s offered at a reasonable price, while being well equipped with its Shimano 6-speed derailleur. Finally, the only criticism will be for not having offered you disc brakes.

The majority :

  • Autonomy;
  • Good finish;
  • Relevant range-price ratio.

The minors:

Velobecane 26“ Sport: a top brand mountain bike with great range

Velobecano 26?  Sport
Velobecano 26? Sports – RD

Very good range for the Velobecane brand electric mountain bike with its 75 km. It is equipped with disc brake and 7-speed Shimano transmission. For your sports outings, you’ll appreciate the comfort of its aluminum telescopic fork. The slim line of this mountain bike gives it an obvious sporty look.

The majority :

  • Autonomy of 75 km;
  • Aluminum structure;
  • Disc brake.

The minors:

UrbanGlide F3: Shimano disc brake and derailleur

UrbanGlide F3
UrbanGlide F3 – DR

This is an electric bike capable of getting off paved roads without having to blush. With 60km of autonomy and disc braking, it will take you wherever you lead. Its 250 watt motor is enough to keep up with it and you will benefit from the quality of your Shimano drivetrain.

The majority :

  • Disc brakes;
  • Shimano transmission.

The minors:

  • Price a little high compared to competition

Faffres Hailong-One Black Orange: A dynamic look for this 26″ mountain bike

Faffres Hailong-One Black Orange
Faffres Hailong-One Black Orange – DR

Athletes will appreciate this mountain bike model. With its aluminum frame and great autonomy, it is your ally for long outings. In assisted mode, it can accompany you for a distance of up to 90 km. It has a 21-speed transmission. Its black orange finish gives it an extra touch of dynamism.

The majority :

  • Sporty look;
  • Great autonomy;
  • Disc brake.

The minors:

  • High price, the price of autonomy

Why buy an e-bike in 2022?

Simple and easy to use, the E-bike or VAE is economical to use. Its battery is charged from a standard 230 volt outlet. Maintenance is limited to an annual review to ensure the electrical and braking system is working properly. Tires can last two to three years, depending on how far you ride your bike. You also save money by leaving your car in the garage for all those short trips, like buying bread or newspaper, for example.

It’s also a good way to exercise while enjoying the outdoors for oxygen. The tiring fake dishes will stay in distant memory, as will the long waits at bus stops to cross the city. When riding an electric bike, you find the freedom to go wherever you want, respecting nature. It’s good for your health and the planet. In addition, depending on your personal situation, it is possible to benefit from State or local government aid for your purchase.

How to choose your electric bike?

For now, e-bikes are quite expensive. There are entry-level models with very attractive prices, but you have to be careful with the quality of your equipment. Autonomy is also linked to the sale price. Batteries are one of the most expensive elements of VAE, like the electric car, but on a smaller scale.

The advertised range is always optimal conditions of use, with a person of average weight and on a flat road. If you live in a small village in the Pyrenees or Puy-de-Dôme, plan a margin to cover the distance between two battery charges. It would be a shame to lose interest in the electric bike for lack of battery.

By opting for smooth mobility with the e-bike, you can take advantage of the beautiful days to get some fresh air and get around at a lower cost. Cycling is good for your health.

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