E-logik, this Toulouse pioneer of e-commerce logistics that is a success

The French have never used e-commerce so much. According to the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (Fevad), consumers spent 129 billion euros online in 2021, an increase of 15% compared to 2020. With a growth of 65% in 2020 and 57% in 2021, o E The -logik network bears witness to this explosion of e-commerce in France. Founded in 2008 in Toulouse, the group specializes in innovative logistics solutions for e-merchants, startups or fast-growing companies.

“Rejected Amazon projects receive more media coverage than accepted ones” (Frédéric Duval, DG Amazon France)

It thus developed “e-Kan” from the name of this information system, which is a digital platform that allows its customers to manage and have a real-time view of all their logistics activity. The interface allows access, in a single place, to the orders registered on the website, the management of deliveries and stocks, the tracking of orders, the tracking of returns, the management of the after-sales service, etc.

“e-Kan allows them to bring a lot of security, manage anomalies when they exist and thus be more efficient in this e-commerce world where there are giants like Amazon. This tool is a backbone that allows us to work remotely and have digital proximity” , explains Thierry Dupré, founder of E-logik.

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Logistics outsourcing

E-logik is not just a company from Toulouse, but a network with more than 26 warehouses in France and more recently in Switzerland. Thus, the network of logistics specialists covers more than 160,000 m2 warehouses spread across all regions of France. In order to link the entire French territory, the company has developed a membership system, franchising with partner actors. Thus, only the Toulouse and Montauban warehouses belong to the parent company E-logik.

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From these different warehouses, the company outsources the logistics to its customers and, thus, stores products, prepares and packs orders and sends them through carriers such as Chronopost, FedEx or DHL. . “We have 70 active shipping services in our warehouses and serve over 150 countries worldwide. From 20 orders a day, e-commerce logistics become time consuming, so some prefer to entrust this part to specialists like us.“, specifies the leader of the company.

To strengthen its presence a little more, the group plans to open two new warehouses this year, in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and in Pays de la Loire. The stated goal of the network is to reach 30 warehouses by 2023.

Clients working in various areas

In the two levels of services it offers, the company has more than 500 customers. Most of its portfolio is made up of SMEs and ETIs. Among them, companies such as: Smiirl, which developed counters linked to Facebook and Instagram, Croq’ la vie specialized in pet food, the ready-to-wear brand Recc Paris, American drinking fountains Berkey or even La Belle Boucle, natural hair brand by care.

Today, 100% of its member customers and warehouses use the e-Kan software package. More than 98% of its customer base chose to outsource their logistics through the E-logik service.

“Because of these fourteen years of expertise, we are developing a range of consulting and training services for e-merchants who want to learn this logistics without outsourcing.”

“Relocate and refuel in France”

Many French companies source their supplies from outside Europe. In recent months, given the increase in the price of kerosene and the closure of Russian and Ukrainian airspace, they have had to change their work habits, particularly in terms of ordering their supplies, which is also in large quantities. They are now forced to store larger shipments and face storage problems.

To meet this need, E-logik decided to dedicate more than 30,000 mtwo of its surface throughout France.

“Because of the war in Ukraine and the post-Covid supply problems, we have a lot of requests from people who no longer want to do just-in-time, but to relocate and refuel in France. We created an offer to allow all these SMEs, and -tailers or not, to store products.With e-Kan and the warehouses, we will answer your problems, whether it’s the price of transport or additional costs of supply.

In addition, we are increasingly interested in demanding SMEs, who do not necessarily do e-commerce, but who ship orders to distributors all over the world. Due to supply issues, they face problems with the capacity to respond”, says the company’s president.

One million parcels shipped per year

In an e-commerce market dominated by dominant players like discount or multinationals such as Amazon, the Toulouse-based company, with its fourteen years of experience, occupies an intermediate position in the market.

“When you don’t make a million euros in logistics a year, the big logistics don’t even listen to you. We serve e-merchants without a start-up barrier. We have the capacity to manage the shipment of five orders a month or 100,000 orders a month This is where our position lies: we want to support all e-merchants in their logistics project, regardless of their size.”

With more than one million orders shipped per year, the group recorded a turnover of around 25 million euros in 2021, including a share of 3 million euros in Toulouse. Between 2020 and 2021, E-logik’s activities in the Pink City grew between 27% and 30%.

To support this increase in activity, the company will soon move to double its storage area. The goal is to move to a capacity of 2,500 pallet spaces and 15,000 shelf spaces versus 1,200 pallet spaces and 8,000 shelf spaces currently. This measure should lead to the creation of around ten jobs in the Toulouse region. In all, the group employs 300 people, including about thirty in Toulouse.

After sustained growth over the past two years, E-logik continues to grow in the first quarter of 2022 with 12% growth despite inflation and declining consumption.

“Today, almost one in two e-commerce sites that generate more than one million euros in revenue loses between 20% and 40% of customer conversion. This is the inflation effect. We are in a consumption effect at half mast but we are still growing”, concludes Thierry Dupré.

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