ARCHOS – Start-up Dextrain, from the ARCHOS group, partners with Clinique Ramsay Santé Provence Bourbonne to implement S’TIM software, an innovation in neurological rehabilitation – 06/20/2022 – 17:45

The Parisian start-up, belonging to the ARCHOS Group, has the mission, within the scope of this partnership, to continue the development and commercialization of the S’TIM cognitive rehabilitation software developed by the rehabilitation team of the Ramsay Santé Provence Bourbonne clinic.

Paris – June 20, 2022 – This partnership is the implementation and logical continuation of the work that was carried out by the clinic’s therapists, guided by Dr. Michèle Timsit, eager to innovate for neurological rehabilitation and the Mediterranean Institute of Information and Communication Sciences at the University of Toulon.

The realization of the lack of technological tools to support neurological rehabilitation, namely to rehabilitate patients with cognitive disorders following a traumatic brain injury or stroke, is the basis of this project. So the team embarked on creating training software to help these patients that can be used on a large touchscreen.

In order for these therapeutic innovations to benefit as many patients as possible, the team decided to entrust the future work of development and commercialization of this solution to the company Dextrain, which will ensure the continuity of the project together with the team of rehabilitators and allow S’TIM be implemented quickly in rehabilitation centers. SATT Sud-Est has granted Dextrain a sublicense to use the S’TIM software jointly owned by the University of Toulon and Clinique de Provence-Bourbonne – Ramsay Santé Group.

The results of the S’TIM project are thus materialized in a global solution that includes hardware and software intended initially for specialized establishments and later for the home.

The solution will be sold for €99 per month (2 years) or €2,000 excluding taxes at the time of purchase.

S’TIM: a new tool to train executive functions

The first feedback from the clinical study indicates that the use of the S’TIM game improves cognitive functions such as memory, concentration and improves the behavior of patients who have suffered a stroke or head trauma. Other types of patients with psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia, also suffer from disorganization and may need cognitive remediation.

The challenge for the re-education of these patients is, therefore, to offer applications to train and/or stimulate cognition and promote autonomy in activities of daily living, motivating them without infantilizing them. S’TIM is a “serious game” that is used with the support of the health professional and intends to be both a rehabilitation tool and a therapeutic education and mediation tool between the anosognosic patient and the therapist.

With an aging population, independence and staying at home for as long as possible represent a major public health challenge. The S’TIM solution can also be used to stimulate and maintain cognitive functions in the elderly and reduce the impact of aging on their quality of life.

S’TIM can contribute to check-ups or stimulation sessions performed in memory consultations for outpatients. Its installation and use are easy, and it can even be used by patients with their families and caregivers directly at home.

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